Taiwan is a box full of surprises


Hi SRKers. I’m Pepino Challenge, I used to live in Venezuela, but moved here due to love purposes and I have to say, this country is a Pandora box with a blue and green ribbon lace wrapping it.

Many of you have already wondered how is the competition atmosphere here since many good players have already stepped up the SSF4 stage, and I can give sincere testimony that the scene here is officially dead.

You may ponder why. Well, the former Taiwanese president Cheng Shui Bian (aka A-Bian) imposed a law over the island which basically banned every fighting games and the sort since they supposedly promote violence, school drop-outs and gambling. That is partially true, but the measure drastically changed the scenario so much. To find the arcades in this country you got to literally lurk into remote places, go to 7th floors, make way into real creepy (mind the fried fermented tofu smell) boulevards and alleys and on and on.

Still, solid stature players can be found in this beautiful tea leaf shaped island. We were delighted with Gamerbee, RB also did his best, Some other skilled players from Taiwan made great accomplishments into the EVO2010 and is worth mentioning.

But when we are speaking about Taiwan, in the gaming bracket, we cannot limit the topic about SSF4, if some of you have been around the net a bit would have heard about Little Gray. A WoW player who was the first in the world to unlock ALL the achievements in the game after the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, which was a massive impact to the gaming community since Taiwan most of the times passed unnoticed around as a country without much potential. But… well you see. Worth telling about Mr. Wang Chen-Ming playing in the Major Leagues, a very acclaimed pitcher who had as well his months of glory within the Yankees roster.

Back to the topic - such advances and advanced players coming from a deep hidden island tucked in the Cancer Tropic couldn’t be possible without online matches. Gamerbee sparred himself with Daigo and pretty much every Godsgarden titan. Building up e-muscles at home with his X-Box and then unleashing his arsenal in Las Vegas. As you can see, the world is much wider than it appears, I’m sure if you go around and check the local scene of some other countries I’m pretty sure you will find amazingly skilled players who will dish you out in the blink of an eye.

I wish I can fill you in with some more information about how the local gaming atmosphere goes on, but I’m awfully bad at Mandarin and the youth don’t use to go around spilling money on arcades - they do at Cyber-cafes, though. But overall. Is happy to see people adding color to the game where the shoto predominance is so huge then we got so refreshed by seeing new talents on Muay Thai pants.

Gamerbee! get ready for an interview once you arrive back here!



Banning fighting games in an Asian country, 'sup with that?!


you can still play on consoles, right?


WTF how did Kennedy get assassinated but not this guy?


Now, convince America to have good internet so that they can netplay Japan’s best.


apparently someone attempted it. unfortunately he didn’t success. lol

>>Chen was reportedly shot in the stomach while campaigning in the city of Tainan on Friday, March 19, 2004, the day before polls opened on Saturday. From wiki


Lol you can take the women and the cattle, but do not touch our fighting games!


um what.



Power-hungry sociopaths wanted to exert control over people who play video games. It’s just that simple.

The bold is confusing since I doubt having better internet is a goal that most people living on the plot of land called America are against, but I’m going to guess you meant the government that rules America. That said, not practically having to bribe a city’s government to be able to legally set-up a internet service would be a simple but effective measure in helping to facilitate the spread of fiber-optic based internet throughout the country. IIRC, established ISP’s using the local government to prevent new ISP’s from entering the market has been a big road block for FIOS.


Oh so true it is a bitch to get FIOS in certain parts of D.C.


That’s correct!, actually console online gaming is how the beat goes on here, on a general gaming term. From what I’ve heard the XBL and PSN connections to Japan and Korea are very fluent - and judging by the looks of the Gamerbee matches against Daigo [media=youtube]HHOKaDM3Z3I&playnext_from=TL&videos=w7Pdc93DVO4"[/media] I can certify that… unless he was gaming in Japan, who knows.

Yeah, missed link bro, here it is actually president assassinations bring a lot of economic instability, even corrupt and shit they don’t deserve to die… except Chavez :pleased:, here’s why.

You got to see what they did with Undead characters in China. Article here The real reason of the change is that the communism denies the existence of God -> denies the existence of a life after death.

Banning games in Asia is as common as christian leaders going nuts about the Rocket Team and the Teletubbies



im in taiwan.

there are arcades


Do you have any article that says that Fighting Games are ban in Taiwan or something? Just to have a source and read it.


He is correct about how they are banned. But there are some that still exist, i play blazblue, arcana heart, gundam vs gundam next, KOF, tekken at these arcades (and a bootleg version of vanilla sf4).

The arcades that are still around are a monopoly, they must have some connections with the government


Hmm… interesting, I wonder what is the deal with those specific arcade places.


Yea all this stuff is very interesting. I never knew Taiwan had this kind of law. How does it go down there with the arcades? Since console gaming is okay, do they have any restrictions on them? Is the ban on some of the arcade gaming to the extent that cops will actually raid you for setting up a secret arcade?


Loopholes probably. there are tons of places with those UFO cranes/Basketball hoop games and places with tons of rhythm games. The only arcades in Taipei are Tom’s World and a tiny hole in a wall (??). I think they had to pay extra cash for a contract

or they have some connection with the chinese mafia :china:


Oh hi Zero, forgot to mention “Dude thanks for the detailed info about the Aztec”, I’ll see if I can get there later on. I made it to the Tom’s World after like 2 hours going around Nanshijiao on bicycle, trust me I was fucking lost. Takes time to hit the spot.

There are simply not arcades with fighting games on main streets, the ones you can see around are small and have predominantly rhythm games as Beatmania and the sort, cranes, punching machines, [media=youtube]UydwRuzwtqo"[/media] and some more infantile ones. Even the shooting FPS like Time Crisis are rare to see. It’s stupidly incongruous since being **so **near to Japan and so many things to enjoy… well… frustration that way :r:

Another genre common in Taiwan are mahjong arcades (which is an Asian poker kind of game, replica of the table version) and another gambling games. They are found in much creepier places and holed inside big night-markets.

So Arcades are actually rare to see. If you’re planning on gaming in Taiwan get your PC and your console. The internet is not really expensive and the speed that ChungWha Telecom offers is rated #4 in the world.

Trust me I’m still lurking the net for, but for some reasons can’t find it, probably because they have lumped those articles together with the Mainland China ones which are … you know… secretively to access… I’ll keep searching and post it here when I get it.


lol taiwan playing video games ilegally and still better than us


Nah, they’re schooled better.