Taiwan VS Hong Kong Cross Straits Cup

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TWFighter.com and HKFighter.com are back with the Cross Straits Cup, an epic battle between Taiwan and Hong Kong’s elite Super Street Fighter 4 players. The tournament has been a heated tradition with HK dominating the first two encounters. Can GamerBee (evo), RB (evo), and GiPie lead the resistance and prevent a three-peat? Or will God of Guile and KiT (evo) take their team to the promised land once again? Enjoy the high quality feed at ??? on Justin.tv

Date and time: August 21 16:00 - 18:00 Hong Kong StandardTime (GMT+8)
Format: 8 vs 8
Rule: Loser of each match can pick next player,
winner of each match must stay, but can pick different ultra combo.
Feed: ??? on Justin.tv
Hardware: XBox360 (xbox live)

Team Line-up: (copy from hkfighter.com)

1.) Gamerbee- Adon (Captain)
2.) Arubi 1988 (RB)- Guy
3.) GiPie- El Furete
4.) Kuraudokin- Cammy
5.) lsy9983- Dictator
6.) Zhieeeep (Z)- Guile
7.) frostmaelstrom (Zalk)- Fei-Long
8.) c192r1b1c- Boxer

Hong Kong
1.) followupURSF (The Sheep)- Dictator (Captain)
2.) God of Guile - Guile
3.) KIT (Ricky Tam)- Chun Li
4.) Siu Ming- Ryu
5.) OO0ooO00oooO (Learn SF at Old Age)- Abel
6.) SL Hiro 111 (Siu Law)- Rufus
7.) Lucky Star - Claw
8.) Terry Rachel- Honda

Annoucement from “Shadowloo”: (thanks)
Super SFIV / Taiwan vs Hong Kong: Cross Straits Cup | Shadowloo

Stream Replay and results are in for those who missed it because of the Godsgarden 2.5 stream. :smiley:
Taiwan Takes Out Their First Cross Straits Cup

very nice… too bad i missed it live

Go hong kong !!!

edit : nooooooooooooo holy shit .

Damnit i was rooting for Hong Kong!

But good shit to Taiwan nonetheless. :slight_smile: