Taiyo High's Burning Batsu

First of all, I’m glad to finally see Capcom referencing Rival Schools again. Now I haven’t really had much of a chance to sit and practice with any one character yet but when playing Snatcher a few days ago I was using Batsu a lot and plan on making him a staple in my team.

Since I haven’t really discovered anything with him yet I started this thread for people to post combos and like for Batsu. I’ll post my findings as I come up with them if someone hasn’t already beaten me to them.

Aerial Rave!

Launch, follow, :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:,double-jump,:snkb:,:qcf:+:snka:xx:qcf:+:snka::snkb:

In some situations, you can even link his air :qcb:+:snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: after. Then you can cancel into :qcf:+:2p: for pressure.

I have been using a lot of Batsu.

cr.A x2, cr.B, d/f+C jump j.B, j.B double jump j.B, B-fireball, super

If you do st.C in the ground string on some characters it completely wiffs if you hit them crouching. Same with st.B

If you do any more hits in the air combo than this there is a high chance they’ll move out of range of the super and it will either wiff or only get a couple of hits.

Use air QCB+C for runaway.

Baroque combo:

any BnB string, baroque activate on last hit, dash and start a new string, end with d/f+C into air combo above.

Advanced stuff.

In the corner you can do stuff like, BnB into d/f+C jump then nearly immediately do a C fireball and let it hit as late as possible, falling j.B, land, j.B, j.B xx C fireball, falling j.A double jump j.B, j.B xx C fireball, Partner, Land, j.B, j.B xx C fireball, falling j.A double jump j.B, j.B xx C fireball xx Super.

as you can see at the end of this vid:

In this he uses burst and baroque to carry on the combo.

After lvl.3 supers with Batsu in the corner you can combo d/f+C jump j.B, j.B double jump j.B, B-fireball, super.

QCB+k is an overhead, slightly laggy but can confuse opponents in strings, you can combo air super if it hits but you are unsafe even on hit unless you do your partners super straight after. QCB+A seems pretty safe on block too.

Air dash j.B is amazing, low hit box, crosses up, nice amount of hit stun for follow combo’s.

I’ll post more when I can be arsed. Sadly there seems to be no real reason anyone would use Batsu over Ryu. Unless your a HUGE fan of Rival Schools:woot:

Can anyone change the name of this thread to something Rival Schools related like:

Batsu - United by Fate

Taiyo High - The Batsu Thread

Burning Batsu


As currently this is the worst thread title for one of the coolest characters.

Nah, do something about Vatsu, he was my favorite batsu.

Done and done.

Did anyone else actually play Batsu/B. Batsu/Vatsu in Project Justice? I know I did.

Also… holy shit that combo video… I was going to play Batsu/Morrigan anyway because I love both of those games to death, and that combo just makes me so very glad I’m playing Batsu/Morrigan.


Here’s a sample video I did a few days ago regarding the Batsu reset.

Yes, it’s unsafe on HIT unless you DHC, and it’ll un-combo between the fire kick and super without proper timing. On the other hand, almost any other super will combo from it, so it might be worth doing from time to time. I discovered this at EVO, and it seems to remain 100% intact in the final build.

Yes, I know Chun’s level 3 didn’t combo. That combo worked in the EVO build, but it’s been slowed down just enough to allow the opponent to block it after an sj.fierce.

meh… I’d kinda preferred to see Edge or Shoma, but Batsu’s still pretty cool. At least capcom made this his coolest version yet! BATSU/CHUN FTMFW!!! :woot:

Anyways… any chance of getting a Batsu movelist seeing as no-one’s bothering with the wiki?

Vatsu was Kurow though and shared very little with Batsu. He was cool though.

I played a lot of Kyosuke_Vatsu/Momo/Incyo in PJ.

That combo is very hard to pull off, the d/f+C jump meaty fireball is the hardest part, it’s so easy to wiff the fireball or hit it too early and the falling j.B wont reach.

I thought the same, Shoma or Akira would have been a great choice, Kyosuke already in CvS2 but I guess as Capcom fighting All Stars fell through they had to put their main protagonist in this.

Movelist from the J-Wiki

Kiai-dan (fighting spirit shot?) - :qcf::p: (usable in the air)
Guts Upper - :dp::p: (this is his assist attack)
Mikazuki (new moon) kick - :qcb::p:
Ryusei (meteor) kick - (in the air) :qcb::p:

Hyper Combos
Zenkai (full throttle) Kiai-dan - :qcf::2p: (usable in the air)
Zenkai Guts Upper - :dp::2p:

lvl 3:
ai to yuujou no tsuupuraton (the something of love and friendship) - :hcb::2p:
This is his team up attack, from here you can do versions of the kiai-dan, the guts upper, or the ryusei kick depending on who your partner is.

Also yeah, Shoma for TvC2!

Sweet, thanks.

1 q, does the version of Batsu’s lv3 depend on his partner or do you have to do certain inputs?

Oh, and


is there any use for zenkai guts upper? other than like a Casshern pillar DHC?

it seems like in any situation zenkai kiadan or teamup is a better choice

it doesn’t launch?

Sorry, typo fixed.

EDIT, also added info about what decides team up, HINT: it’s your partner.

You can super jump, j.B, j.B, double jump, j.B, B-fireball xx Super after zenkai guts upper (f,d,d/f+2 attack buttons).

I sometimes do it after a huge Ryu Baroque wallbounce string into hurricane xx super then perform zenkai guts upper just as it finishes for Batsu to come in and combo, launch, air combo super just for flash and style.

oh ok… Thanks. I was super curious about it because it hit them so high and I have yet to see a vid where anyone followed it up haha.

Good stuff, kaworu. :tup:

a trick that I’ve been trying to test (vs CPU… haven’t found anyone local to play yet) is doing 2x meteor kicks to corner the opponent quickly. If they’re already cornered or near the corner, you can cancel the 2nd meteor kick into a medium fireball and finish with an air super.

corner/near corner

mid screen aerial rave meteor kick finish

corner/near corner aerial rave meteor kick and super finish

I really like this one. It looks like a nice tricky way to combo into a super (and without much proration). Really good for mixups from normal air dash started combos. With maybe the right DHC this could be pretty awesome damage too. Nice work.


I have been doing the meteor kick x2, fireball xx super in corner air combo’s (a bit inconsistant against some characters hit boxes though) but I didn’t realise you could hit the whole thing on a standing opponent.

Shame you’ll probably never land it on a real opponent, although it is pretty safe on block, but if they jump and it wiffs it has some nasty landing lag. I’ll definitely give it a whirl.

Ok, big Baroque combo i have been using with Batsu/Ryu:

On characters that are hit by st.B and st.C whilst crouched (most) :

2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, BAROQUE, dash, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, Ryu assist, dash, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, jump j.B, j.B, double jump, j.B, B-fireball xx super.

Ryu assist must be done literally just before or just after the 5C to give you enough time to recover then dash.

On characters that st.B and st.C whilst crouched wiffs:

1 Meter

2A, 2A, 2B, 2C, Ryu assist, dash, 2B, 3C, jump j.B, j.B, double jump, j.B, B-fireball xx super

2 Meters

2A, 2A, 2B, 2C, Ryu assist, zenkai guts upper (f,d,d/f+2 attack buttons) super jump, j.B, j.B, double jump, j.B, B-fireball xx Super

My favorite combo:

Ryu to start:

2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 6C, Baroque (C+D) on hit, dash, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6C, RDP C, wall bounce, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6C, C-Hurricane xx Super on 4th Hit (the shinkuu should be standing on the ground) xx HCB+2 attack buttons (batsu’s lvl.3), 3C, jump, j.B, j.B, double jump, j.B, B-fireball xx Super.