take 2

yeah i guess i got time for a bit of ava making

well okay just (2) alright and non of that story line ava, i dont do those, team ava if you want, i dont really care, providing pics is a plus

i guess another set of (2) is alright with me

red/black yun


mp, lk>palm

looks like the mp happens, then where the mp ends there it looks like he does lk for a sec then palms.

cretive with bg, red and black colors though.



Yo Ad this pic( can u use Dragunov’s Whole body not the background un less u think the background is cool and av usable) with a gray/white/.black color sceme with StK at the bottom in white also 2 things i know u can do animations so can u make his eyes glow or something like that (a kind of light blue) and can u size it to 167 x 52 pixels im going to use it as a tag an av ill size it later to SRK size thanks In Advance!

i dunno wut you meant by whole body cuz you cant see anything if its the whole body but… errrr… tried lol


and Shodoken… i have no clue wut sprite ur talking about… if you can provide a sprite i deff do it if not then i gotta use the sprites i have, well this is the one i made for ya

Thanks i ment making the pic small so it would fit but nice, i like this one thing my computer been acting up is there an animation if not thats cool but i cant tell. i think i need a graphic card upo date or something lol.

msg me on aim some time for sprites… they wont be pre-animated though.

actually… gank the IKara yun… since that guy never liks posts anymore



you can get rid of the Ipod easily enough.

think you can do something with this?

well shodoken if you can get me a sprite of it in red color i’d be happy to make it cuz im not a color spriter

and Shizuma i see you’re still wearing that one >_<

you know it thanx man :lovin:

haha who is this guy, outta nowhere <3

whats the deal dude i aint been here in a minute hopefully yall aint forgot about me

ok… sprite set for red yun in .pcx format


Yo Demon just wanted to say ur work is getting some props on TZ thanks again for the av ur skill are legend.

Maybe you could do something with elena? n.n