Take Nini my dog to evo (serious thread)


Hi, this is Robin Missuni Nini, Just call her Nini or little cow. She is my bullterrier, Look at how cool she is.

also she is the official sponsor of Elliot’s HighScore in you tube!!!.



Amazing right, She told me last night “Hey dood, are we going to evo this year?” to which i reply “Sorry Nini, we can’t, i dont have the money, besides you are pregnant meaning you cant take a fly to las vegas.”

“Rats!” she exclaimed, “I wish there could be a way forme to be there”, and so an idea came to me.

“Maybe you can!, There is a way for you to be in evo without actually being there”.



And so, i come here for your help, i am not asking for money, im asking to take a simple picture of her with you to evo.

You can print the following image in paper, a t-shirt or wherever you want, just click the link and dowload the fullsize picture.


You and only you can make this possible.


She should’ve cosplayed as Peacock from Skullgirls. Lol that be awesome

Wow she looks nice, I’ll do it :smiley:

LOL this thread.

All in good fun, I approve :tup:

I would do this if I was going to evo this year but sadly vacation plans with the family have already been set literally the day after evo ends.

I need one of these t-shirts.

I thought that this was about @niniheart

can your dogg roll cancel? otherwise NO DEAL… :coffee:

Sorry, she is not asian nor does she have a penis.

The guy has an artistic background @SNAAAAKE.

If he doesn’t manage to make a Nini RC gif in a week, I’m rescinding my approval of this thread.

No but seriously, that is the most Jewish looking dog I have ever seen.

Nini for new divekick character!


i doubt Mr wizard would like to clean Sh#t and piss off the carpet

It appears that you didnt read the entire OP friend

Hoping for rush jet, rush search, and rush coil modes as well.

what an ugly looking dog

its not ugly, she is awesome.

you want me to make a gif? alright then, i just saw your post.

she knows how to use the toilet and reads a newspaper while pooping.

Update guys!!! nini i now the official sponsor of elliot gindi’s Highscore in youtube.

your dog will be in my wallet

Pssh, maybe you should take a look at last years landfill once finals was over. I heard that took an extra 3000 dough to clean that shit up!