Take the Jim Crow voting test

If you were a black person in Louisiana prior to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, here’s the literacy test you had to pass if you wanted to vote in an election.

You had to get a perfect score and you only had 10 minutes to do it. Take a shot.

It’s not even lunch and you’re already making me want to punch someone in the face. Well played.

English isn’t my first language and I ain’t even mad. People think they are tough with their internet trolling but goddam.


I love the comments from white folks saying “I could’ve passed this, it’s not that hard”.
Cue the Rockb Camface gif

I was confused on a few parts because the wording seems to purposefully mislead the test taker, which is probably the point of this dumb test.

Either way, I graduated college so I’ll be okay.

Well it is an absurd test that’s obviously designed to make people fuck up, and is, quite ironically, awfully written, but it’s passable. Aside from the absurd (unless you’re talking about non Euclidean Geometry) concept of a “curved line” everything in it is doable.

Everything is doable, but is it doable within the absurd 10-minute time limit? Some of those ridiculous questions(none of which have anything to do with the process of voting) require a large amount of abstract thinking.

Ironically, I bet the vast majority of the current able voting public would not be able to pass that test, no matter their ethnicity.

Yes it’s doable in the allotted time, but almost certainly not by anyone with less than a 5th grade education. I majored in Physics, and was 2 classes short of a Math major, and a lot of the questions are mathematical in nature, and all logic based which is why I’m confident I’d be able to pass, but I realize that most folks would struggle a lot more with it.

I get wanting the voting public to be knowledgeable, but this is pretty useless.

Whoever wrote this test deserved to be hung.

Then the test did its intended job-- to frustrate and confuse us darkies so we can’t vote, lol…

Everyone bear in mind, you could answer all the questions correctly and the registrars might still take points off because they didn’t like the way you made the marks or something like that.

And you apparently need 100% to pass.

Yeah there’s that too. “Well that’s not really a cross… it’s more of a ‘plus’ sign…”


A circle/square count as a line around something.

man voting was sers back in the day!

WTF that shit is subjective and objective at the same time!

They should have the same test today and just make everybody take it. Same for your drivers license. Also if you fail you just get murdered.

just time yourself, i doubt seriously you would have scored 30/30 in under 10 minutes.

to all the people commenting on how this test had nothing to do with voting, or how it was useless are completely wrong. This test was extremely useful for the people who wrote it to accomplish a very specific goal, disenfranchising anyone who they forced to take the test (if you read the article administration of the test was left up to the pollsters to determine who they felt might be uneducated… so… do you really think white people were taking this test?). From that point of view i can imagine the test achieved it’s goal of greatly limiting the amount of blacks that could vote in Louisiana.