"Take The Shot, Juju." - Parasoul Video Thread





Nini Heart’s Day 1 BNBs

SWBETA’s Parasoul: Egret Princess, Act I

Tataki’s Dashing Flash Kick Tutorial

Ikillbutterflies’ Tear Shot Loop

Fullmetalross’ Coast to Coast Combo






We all love us some Jojo’s, but wrong game :slight_smile:

In any event, since I have it open…Nini Heart’s Day 1 stuff:



Here’s a vid I made yesterday with some findings. Took it down from the other thread since this is more relevant.


Holy fuck that was awesome!!!



I really like 360 assist.
I really really like it.



Another video I made with some cooooooool stuff!



Improved on the previous combo. Optimal while practical i feel.


Slightly unoptomized no meter corner parasoul combo of st.lk

Sorry if you already saw this in the GD thread.


That was awesome, Ross!


100% Combo for Parasoul!


Builds 1 bar, deals 11K, starts from LK, uses 1 bar.


Ambiguous cross-under is here!




This is really beautiful stuff. Can you please post the transcript for the last combo, 1:52-2:17, does this work on everyone? Can you start it in the corner too? About how much damage would it do with an equal ratio?


Hello, long time no see here is this thing



general gameplay and setups tutorial with parasoul. didnt mention everything but it should be a nice start.
~~exposing my teams secrets*~~


Can i get the notations?


Loving this technology you are preaching ataconazi, that overhead to low to other overhead is so dirty and I love it. I almost never use the punch overhead but I use the kick one a lot, I really should be using both more. I knew since day 0 that Roman Cancel Egret would be insane, easily the best one. It’s just stupid, all the stuff you can do with it, make everything safe, extend combos, do fake outs, etc. I still think the Caliper (Valentine) assist is underrated as hell because Parasoul with a low assist is so cheap because she has some of the best aerials in the entire game and caliper is like a ghetto lockdown assist too…


Hell yeah man.
And the lp overhead is too good lol its pretty much unreactable and it doesnt groundbounce like hk so you can save it for later xD