Take the Survey: Chance to Win a Game!

Hey guys just running this survey through different forums. As it says just fill out the survey with your email at the bottom before March 2nd '09 and we’re randomly picking winners for an up-coming fighting game title!



Nice survey. All of the questions are no brainers.

yea turns out my fav character was guile bwahahahah

Damn I played all fighting games and knew all the characters. My favorite character was in the list too ~.~


its interesting how he put GG in the list of games, but he doesnt put at least one name of a char of GG, i had to choose none because of that in the favorite char

Why is “none” in the middle of the “Characters you’ve heard of”? Is there some character named “None” that I haven’t heard of?

Edit: And why is there “None” in the “Which character below is your favorite” anyway?

Needs more Kayin Amoh.

yea…about that…

had I personally created the survey I would have included some GG toons.

I myself am a dedicated johnny player.

I also would have included blaz blue characters since I main both Bang and Carl…

Oh well.

Oh and I was mistaken, we’re not giving away upcoming game…we’re giving away a copy of SC4. So sell it away if you already have a copy!