Take this quiz if u think u know 3S




I got a 40, I didn’t know any of that stuff :frowning:


Haha, got 80. I just guessed for the Ryu sprite thing, and Akuma’s air fireball against the SUV and got both wrong. The rest I knew. Would’ve been nice if there were more gameplay-related questions instead of random trivia. Also, with so few questions somebody could probably guess and eventually get 10/10.


sean gets meter? that’s broken!


I missed the first 3 q’s and bailed. :rofl:


Garbage quiz…I thought it was gonna test real knowledge, not bullshit like does Necro’s gf vote for him… get a life and make a real quiz next time


trivial quizzes are not made to test real knowledge dumbass :confused:
if u don’t find it entertaining then go play with your mom
when ‘get a life’ come from clowns like u who post 50 replies a day on srk really means a lot


I got a 100 without even taking the test. I clicked on the link and the test was like “you play 3S too much to not ace this”.


Quiz results: Am a Scrub.

Seriously…wtf…i didnt know any of that…but like 3 :sad:


wow good job asking completely useless things besides like uriens attack power bonus GOD

the poison question was bullshit too.



she always appears but i thought you meant she was a judgement character with that question


70 =s


I tested some of them. When I hit with the Basketball on Sean’s intro, I didn’t get meter… Did it mean during the fight or the intro?


When the ball hits him before the fight your meter goes up


Why the F%^%^& should I know anything at all about SEAN :annoy:


Because Im the best Sean in corpus :tup: And thats all your gonna see on the 15th. I shall not reveal hugo


I so I guess you will beast on me with all those amazing EX moves sean has, I should mash so you wont get that extra meter :wasted:


wtf i was expecting this test to focus on real 3s knowledge, like “is chunli’s c.mk super a link or a cancel” or “can shippu reversal a blocked crouching short?” or “how to kara palm?” or “what characters does urien’s midscreen unblockable not work on?”


thank i wish i could come up with questions like that so everyone would get 10/10


I knew the Sean ball thing because of C-Royd’s video :smiley:


I had no idea what the first question was asking, and I ruled out the correct answer because it didn’t make any sense at all.

Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever, in my whole life, played with judgment turned on and had a match go to judgment.