Takedown Tuesdays.. Weekly Tournaments in San Leandro, CA

**[ Takedown Tuesdays ] **Weekly Tournament
Games: SSFIV:AE 2012, UMVC3, SFxT
**Date: **Tuesdays
**Time: **7:30pm-12am
**Address: **Double Tap Games 125 Pelton Center Way San Leandro, CA (Alameda County)
**Price: **$5 venue fee + $5 pot entry
**SRK Thread: **http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.ph…-weekly-tournaments-in-san-leandro-ca.166827/
**Facebook: **http://www.facebook.com/stolenchickenent
**Stream Channel: **http://www.twitch.tv/final_bout
**Twitter: **https://twitter.com/stolenchicken
**Rules: **
Takedown Tuesdays is proudly sponsored by Stolen Chicken Entertainment, Final Bout, and Double Tap Games.

Thank you to all the people that supported us through Season 1. Season 2 tournaments will be a weekly event. Starting November 20th, Takedown Tuesdays will be every Tuesday.

All games will be played on PS3 and ASUS VH236H monitors. All games will have the latest updates. We will follow all the guidelines set by the fighting game community. Please bring your own wired controllers/arcade sticks.


The cost of the tournament is $5 for venue and $5 pot for each game. All of the tournament entries for each game will be part of the total pot. Depending on how many players play, the prize may vary.

Tournament Prizes:
-8 or more entrants: 70/20/10% Pot Split
-7 or less entrants: 80/20% Pot Split

Sign-ups start at 7:30pm to 8:00pm and brackets start at 8:30 pm.

NOTE: Other players cannot sign you up unless they pay. If you are not present when your match comes up, you will forfeit that match.

Season Layout:
This is a six week season. Each week players who place 1st-8th will receive ranking points. These cumulative points determine who receives prizes at the end of the season. Points will be distributed after each session and a list will be made to keep track of each player’s standings. The last tournament of the season is 12/26.

1st place: 10 pts.
2nd place: 7 pts.
3rd place: 5 pts.
4th place: 3 pts.
5th place: 2 pts.
Everyone else: 1 pt.

At this venue, there will be drinks and snacks available to be purchased and there are places to buy food all around. There is a lot of parking and we are about 4 blocks away from the San Leandro BART Station.

Our goal is to provide another spot for the fighting game community to practice, train and play. We are for the players and any input or idea is much appreciated. Please come out and support us.

For more info, please join the Stolen Chicken Entertainment group page and the Takedown Tuesdays group page on facebook.

ahh yea lets go … more regular comp means better matches for all

i heard there were casuals here tomorrow? what time is the venue open?

we will start around 7pm…

ill try an make it out there next time

im in there… mini tourney??? :slight_smile:

thank you for the support and the players that came out to check out the venue…

bump? tommorow is the event… hope to see u guys there…

ill be there tonight for marvel. who else is going?

i hope AE will have some entrants. if not im still down to do a round robin ith whoever does decide to go and winner takes all!!

thanks for all the people that show up for our tournament… i will post the points up later on…

points updated… tournament details updated…

for the next event, i will have a setup with sticks for persona 4 and jojos…

so its on for tonight right?

thank you for all the people that showed up… we added 2 new games to the tournament. persona 4 and tekken tag 2 has been just added to the list. and all the info has been updated… also there is a Takedown Tuesday group page now for more updates… but please join the stolen chicken entertainment page as well…

cant find the stolen chicken page…

did someone steal it? damimfunny Kappa

if u cant find it… heres a link…https://www.facebook.com/groups/374574352614374/

Thank you to everyone who entered SFxT! See you next time.

thank you to all the ppl that showed up… i will update all the points… and info… our next event is 10/2…

I saw on facebook post that next event is 10/23 but on here it is 10/16? Can we get the points update?