Takin 1 (yes one) request


Yeah, you don’t see threads like this from me very often, so hurry up and make a request.

No animation


one for me… grey and/or blue… yashiro av, lol go nuts and be creative

thanks in advance


Sure thing.


Okie dokie, let me know if you want anything changed.

EDIT: oh shit I forgot you wanted it in grey or blue, just let me know if you want it changed still :slight_smile:


DAMN! that shit is beautiful:eek: :eek: :eek: i wish you were takin 2 request


Maybe Later :wink:


:eek: x 100 that shit is tight… but if it isnt too much to ask, could you swap the BG to a greyish or bluish scheme? if it’s not too much to ask, cause it’s a hella tight av as is

Thanks a lot :cool:


Sure Thing


There you go, but I kinda like the other one better, but whatever floats your boat.


thanks a lot man :slight_smile: mad props to you sir


Sure, pal. :stuck_out_tongue: