Takin 2 avatar requests










i want to apoligize agian for the whole cable av deal…i wasnt tryin to copy or rip anything from your av…im not going to lie, i did get the idea of the tech from cables gun from you…and im sorry for that…i should have just thought it all up on my own…i apoligize agian…sorry AD:(


Yo, can I get one with Yama and Vega. Only specific I have is a blood red background.


LOL its okay TetsuAKA

anyways bruce damn i forgot fightergeneration is down, anyways ill do it but dont blame me for the pics thats i find and use :lol: do you need a grove bar?


…Dude why did he place a password on the pages?..I went there last time…and it’s password protected…


on gamegen? anyways he told me it be down for a while… i dunno wut your talkin about a password 0_o


If you clicked on a link to a character, a password screen popped up.


EDIT: does anyone have a Yamawutever sprite for me to use?
well this is all i have till i get that sprite or something


hummm thats weird, alls i get is



since hawaiigamer is taking forever on my request :frowning:
Do you think you can make me a Urien av with the sprite attached?

if so… ty


sorry i had to get rid of him… he learned to much

anyways avatar is up, i made it like his style :lol:


Hmm learning PS i see.


The only Yamazaki sprite I have is this one. And no I don’t want a groove bar. Thanks.


Oh yeah I’m in no hurry man. So if you can’t do anything with that sprite I can wait, it’s all good.


sry to be a pain, but can you make it in your style?





Yo, AD. In this avatar, I want Storm this time in place of Iron Man. Can you do that? I want the same Magneto and Sentinel colors and the purple Storm. Also with my name across the bottom of it. Thanks, AzN brotha. :smiley:


yeah ill try to get to you both tomorrow

EDIT: both bruce and LF are done on first post, asiandaisy your next


Hey man I don’t mean to be a pest, but I think this Vega sprite would look better with that particular Yama one. I will completely understand if you don’t want to do it, and I’ll still use the one you made if that’s the case. Either way, thanks.


okay im done and not takin anymore requests

first page


I love you Asian people.