Taking 2 av requests

Last time i did one of these, something came up so i never finished the av o_<

This time, i have the time.

So yeah, ill take 2 sprite avs, only two :stuck_out_tongue:

if i dont wanna do that request for whatever reason, ill say “sorry, but i wont do it” and state why :slight_smile:

request away

Hmm can i have an av of cable???

Yes, yes you can :slight_smile:

could u make me an einhander av?? if not that then ibuki would do fine…thanks in advance

Ill see what i can do

Cool thanks draig…

Sorry to keep you waiting, they’ll be done in the next few days (dont have access to a computer until sunday night)

Lies. >8O

hey man you cant request anymore… you requested like 5 times already…and got like a avatar from like everyone… in like a period of like a week or so…

Draig dont do his… Avatar Whore Alert…

yeah i was gonna mention that anyway…but i forgot i posted a request on this thread…oh well…but yeah dont do it draig

oh and btw asian demon i didnt know there was anything wrong with requesting but some other guys told me about the rules so we dont need to call people names and what not…let’s keep it on a professional level cuz it doesnt make anyone look any cooler calling someone an avatar whore…


You’re right,it dosent look good,but he was just letting you know what the rules were bud,it is a two week rule.

Holla holla…:evil:

fairv enough.

ill start yours soon monkeyspank

cant wait…thanks bro…

hey draig wazp

btw nice av:cool:

ahaha, im on a holiday so i dont have PS right now (when i get home i will), ill do it as soon as i can, im really sorry about the wait :stuck_out_tongue:

But i see you recently put up the av TMT made you, its a good one :slight_smile: