Taking 2 requests

ill take 2 requests

Hey bud haven’t seen you around lately.

ya…i have been busy finishing up my site:D

the link is in my sig…if u want to check it out:p

Ok got it.

someone plz request!

would u make a wallpaper???

something with mag/storm/psylocke

make me an Iori avatar…all sprites and shiet can be found at


sorry HK…i suck to badly at wallpaper…ive made a couple…but there so horriable…u dont want one from me…lol

-np HF:p

-ill take one more request:D

ok cool… u just didn’t say what kind of request, so i figured anything :slight_smile:

i’d do a paper myself, but i suck at big stuff… stick art i can handle though, cuz it’s fun… iono… should be same right? lol… bleh

cool its been a minute aight you seem to have some hot skillz so let me get an av with magnus it recolored black and green a close up of his face with his eyes glowing and have it say Team Decepticons and Dragongod

your taking tooo long ima request from someone else

sorry man…ive been busy

just about finished with your av HF

here u go man…hope u like it:p