.:Taking 3 Avatar Requests:

Taking 3 Requests of Av’s. They can be as specific as they want, but not too complicated, or they can be as generic as they want. Im sure you guys know how it is. Anyway, my only request from you guys is that you dont request animations. I’ll do anything else though.

Request Now!

hey can you make one…just make any you like i aint bothered…just pretend your making yourself a new one and change your name to mine :slight_smile: thanx

hey man could you do me one with,alexander from FF? and make the backround in a holy power look.thanks.:smiley:

Hey in case other this other person doesn’t take my request, can you. But ill let ya know if he does, but i want magneto mad cool looking jazz it up however ya like and have it say Dragonstatus

can u hook it uo bro?


i gotta pic already, can u make it work?

Request Order

  1. Klarkus

  2. DragonStatus (Alright, give me and update when you can so I can either open up or close this last spot)

  3. Open Request Spot

If things go well, then I’ll open up the thread to more requests. But for now, I’ll keep it at 3.

Edit: neosoul was whoring, so I took him off of the List.

Edit #2: tonbarry is also whoring.


sorry man, this is my first time, i didn’t know it was distasteful to ask more than one person to help me with my av. Sorry if I offended you.

@ neosoulchild: Its ok, just don’t do it again. If automatic doesn’t do your request, come back here.

If your still taking orders

If ur not too busy if u could make an avatar with ryu in a cool stance with a dark background and some lightining behind him that would be sooooo sweeet.


hawaii: i didn’t forget you. i’ma get started on it when i can. i’ve been tired as of late, and yesterday i went shopping. but thats one of the “big” avatars that i’ve been planning as of late. the other one has to do with morrigan having ken’s baby instead of ryu’s(if you can remember that avatar i made when ryu came home and caught morrigan(his wife in the av) in bed with ken).
oh and i wanted to make myself a simpsons arcade game avatar.
alright then.:slight_smile:

hey man how am i whorring??what kind of fuckin rule is that?i can’t ask others for av’s or what?you guys are all the same,and you know who you are.:mad:

can u still hook that up 4 me?

I apologized 2 auto, but 4 sum reason he persists in acting like a fucking asshole. So if its no trouble could u do my av? i put a link 2 the pic in my previous post…

I didn’t kno I would touch a nerve like that wit the guy. I was unaware of the protocol and apologized, and he was still a dick.
thanx in advance…

@ tonbarry - Okay, before you start flaming without a cause like a rambling idiot, maybe you should read the damn sticky. Here, let me give you an example of what whoring is, using yourself as an example.

exampleYou make a thread to request an avatar, and someone does it for you. You come into my thread not more than a day later and ask for another avatar. That’s Whoring.

So yes, it is a “fuckin rule” and you need to obey it. If you dont like it, then leave.

@ neosoulchild - Okay thats cool, I got your avatar request then. Thanks for not blowing your top off like some others. Dont worry about Automatic, its just his attitude.

Request List

  1. Klarkus
  2. neosoulchild
  3. Big War

**Waiting List:**DragonStatus (Let me know if you need me to do your av or not)

umm… DragonStatus is whoring aswell… he requested in like 4 threads… i said id make him one in like a week or 2… but you can if you want.

eh…no one even bothers to click on the stickys and spend like 3 minutes to read them…

STICK"S?what the hell is that,ive only been registerd for like 2 months or so…anyways cancel mine.:bluu:


DragonStatus did request several threads before (several months ago). I remembered only few avatar makers finished his avatars, then DragonStatus never picked them yet. They were upset and decided to eliminate their avatar works of his.

Still waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry guys, I was busy with marching band the whole weekend. I’ll have your avatars ready soon.

ok thanx