Taking a few av request's

If you want an avatar, just ask. No rules, no limits.
animations ok.




I have a request. Can i get an av of bison doing his paint the fence motion next to an acual fence with my name on it?If possible id like his arm to be moving in the motion as realistic as possible. If you cant do that, how about just bison, sak and eagle with no animation . Thanks in advance man

yeah no problem I’ll take it.:smiley:

He’s back

Nipp0n, your av is done. If you would like to make any changes just ask and I’ll see what I can do:D


dont worry about it soul ebelius you wont know what im talking about so im not gonna try to explain sorry for the spam doc spr0c

No prob, I just see it as an indescrete bump:D

Looks awesome man, thank a bunch…

No prob man, glad you like it:D

Anybody else?

I’m thinking you’re talking about him being Evil-Ken. Even though Doc-Sproc’s been here for a while.

umm…an avatar with Ryu/Akuma/Psylocke win screen (the one you get right after the score gets tallied), and, if possible, the words “obviously not a marvel player.” If the writing is possible, make the text white, and as for the character colors, the default characte colors would be fine.

thanks in advance

You got it!:smiley:

wow, I didnt know anybody noticed I was gone…cool:D