Taking a few requests


I’m takin a few requests. Here are the rules:

-I will ONLY make Final Fantasy avatars
-Tell me what you want/Who you want on your avatar
-Text or No Text

Ok, here is some of my Final Fantasy avatar works:






************PICK UPS:





Cool nice work.




now im a little confused by this…

you say you’ll make FF avatars only…

and just the other day you made a req for an avatar


now… can you explain this for me?


Yea, just wanted to see what kinda avatar someone would come up with. Anyyways, I’, only taking about 5-6 requests.


How about a Laguna av?

Take whatever artistic liberties you feel like, but I would like it if you could fit my name in there and possibly Griever’s logo (that lion-thing Squall has on his necklace).


1 - something to me don’t seem right… esspecially seeing as how you are only doing FF avatars…

2 - its not cool to have somone do an av just to see how someone can make it look anyone who does avs knows this…


Get off him man, some people like stuff made by other people. Even I requested an av recently, from Liquid Fists.


Loves this thread. True Final Fantasy Fan.

Anyway, that lulu one really caught my eye, i would like to have one of your lulu av’s. So if you can make me one of your lulu av’s, that will be great. Thanks.



Hey man, I can’t get ONE good Laguna pic so, you’ll need to provide it if you still want a Laguna avatar.

BTW Travis, your avatar is ready waiting for you on the top.:cool:


hey cham… avatar makers arent suppose to ask for avatars…?.. hummm i didnt know… when was this a unspoken rule…:lol: i make requests all the time… heck… i just made a avatar request…

anyways nice work Ninja Gaiden| they all look awesome…:eek:



Alright I got a decent pic.

I do have another request though, could you crop the bottom as to not have it look like he’s naked. And I think a dark color scheme might work best with this pic.



Re: av




For some reason, it keeps telling me that the file I try to attach is too big ( my av at top ), maximum size is 20480 bytes. Can you solve this problem?


TRAVIS. here. try this.

Ninja Gaiden|.:wink:




Ah, there it is. Thanks for everone’s help. Nice Av :cool: :cool:


yo, the your avatar has some dots on it. I attached the GOOD version.


here is the avatar.



Any progress on that Av?