Taking a few sprite av requests

ok i’ve been bored lately so i decided i’d do a few AV’s

just like the title says i’m doing “sprite” av’s nothing else, so if you want like a naruto or inuyasha av please don’t ask. sprites are generally from fighting games (i.e MvC2,CvS…etc) so if you want a avatar of lets say Cable then thats fine.

1 character per request, i don’t like doing team avs (i.e more then 1 character)

i’m not doing many so request while you can






sup ::TMT::? Hey, can I get an avatar with Cable please? I provided the sprite.
Thanx in advanced.:smiley:

hey ::TMT:: i want an av with genjuro(attached).

hey tmt if infinidragon doesn’t take my request i’d like a magneto av with him recolored main body black and other parts green and have his hands glowing with green power with a streak of green eminating from them and have his eyes glowing green too. And have it say DragonGod and Team Decepticons somewhere.

wtf, you got hadouken king making you one.
you seriously are an av-whore.

If ya aren’t too busy could I get a Guile av. Totally up to you on everything.

im’ only making it cuz i know him… and he’s coo wit me about marvel and shit


here you go Ninja

yeah dumbass don’t respond on shit you have you have no fucking clue about prejudging piece of shit bastard why dont’ you follow your parents example and play in traffic

yo, ease up lincoln

nah its cool, this chump doesn’t offend me one bit.
I’ve seen worse of a 4 year old.

TMT - I’d like anything with Magneto in it (just not the yellow or red costume … blue preferred) with SM for text.


may i get a Kyo av?!?!?!?

and dragongod… please quit acting like a badass, your ruining your reputation even more.

yay! TMT, thank you.:smiley:


and here is yours ONE Weapon

unlike some dicks of society i don’t care about rep only superficial shallow pieces of shit care about what people think and tmt you don’t have to do my request infidragon already did so now i have to wait another two weeks peace out.

TMT…u make sick av’s…do u have an aim sn…cause i want to ask u some questions:p

lincoln, calm the fuck down

can you guys quit spamming my thread :stuck_out_tongue:

next up:


TetsuAKA - thanks, AIM s/n = TMTeffects

alright thanx

thanks for the nice av TMT, it looks good on me:cool: