Taking a wallpaper request


Somebody want something like this? I’ll make one… let me know what character, what spites, etc… supply the pics that you want in it, and let me know what color scheme…

mine fits my desktop like this…


Wow thats fuckin awesome



here’s a magneto.

That looks a lot better than a lot of the art I see on sticks.

Thanks… unfortunately, this wont be on a stick :frowning:
when i get a green goblin, i might do something with some neon green colors though… who knows.

Wow that looks really good. Could you make me one of Ryu?

Here’s the pic:

And the attached sprites too.

Could it the color theme be a dark gray, and the color of his gi from the sprites? Or maybe a light/dark gray. Could the resolution also be in 1280x800?


i’ll work on it. no prob… gimme a while.

:u: Take your time. Thanks!

ok heres my pic(s)

and my sprite:

the color scheme I want you to work with is like a purple or a dark blue
also take your time no rush :wgrin:

Thanks in advance!


@Basik: what resolution

:u: Woo, that looks good. Is it the final copy? Any chance you could make it 1280x800? :tup:

EDIT: I just resized it and it still looks good. Thanks man!

gah, shit…

email me, i forgot that photobucket resizes the images


:tup: Awesome work Mixah! This reminds me of those boss looking 3rd Strike avatars you made last year. Keep up with the beastin’. BTW, tinypic doesn’t resize your pix when you upload there… dood.


:u: Thanks a lot man, I likes. =D

1280x800 :wgrin:

That looks really cool, if I find a good picture, can you make me a Q-bee one?

i don’t see why not… i already made twice as many as i said i was going to make.

thank you so much Mixah!