Taking balrog to the next level...can i ask for some tactical tips?

hi there guys i am new to balrog, recently i am playing with this character. and somehow from what i observe all of his specials needs charge up and i am not sure if this is correct well his normals has fast start ups compared to other characters (his punches)

well anyway can i ask for some tactical tips in fighting projectile characters like ryu or like mix character like ken? and especially sagat.

do you guys have a video or a good match to watch?

i tried using balrog and his charge up is kinda long i think its 4 seconds when i charge i am ending up starting from the right side, almost reaching the left side corner. doing a special from that portion is kinda punishable i think.

well anyway i hope you guys cna share your tips and tactics hehe. and how do you deal with blanka, the guys who spams the ball attacks.

Hey there guy,

Check out this thread for all of Rog’s basic moves and strategies. I found it to be extremely helpful when I was first starting out with him.

And this match-up thread has all the info you need for specific match-ups.

Be sure to look at the other stickied threads in Balrog’s Character Discussion for videos and combos and advanced techniques and you should be good to go :wink:

a) Like other charge characters, the moves don’t take that long to charge (4 seconds? Thats a complete exaggeration) - However, charge chars do still have to worry about losing charge (crossups, changing sides on wakeup etc). Get used to the time required for charge moves and how to maintain charge whenever possible.

b) One rule of thumb when playing Balrog - Do not use specials to close the gap against a live opponent who isn’t knocked down - Thats just asking to be punished, thrown, neutral jumped, super’d or ultra’d by any opponent with decent reaction time - Even people like me who have poor reaction time can punish a full-screen special, so stop doing it - Learn to walk forward… WALK FORWARD! I know, a crazy concept, right? Wrong, it is absolutely mandatory of a good Balrog to sacrifice charge and be mobile - If you’re the type of Balrog who moves forward only by special moves, you will always lose.

c) Check above threads - Learn the matchups - Even if you can’t play the matchup, read about them at the very least - You’ll often be given an idea as to what Balrog’s common normals are for matches, punishes (Normals or specials) tips, tricks and general guidelines to keep in mind. Balrog may be linear himself, but how you handle each of the roster is almost always different in some way or another, even Shoto’s, who all have similarities.

d) Practice your BnB’s and practice them hard, until you can do them with your eyes closed. Even just basic jab BnB’s - You have to learn to be able to do a punish or combo when and where you can on the fly because Balrog has limited mixup or ‘get in’ capability so you need to be able to hit and hit hard when you can. In addition Balrog can lead to Supers or Ultras from most combo’s (Also relates to option selects, which can be from combo or normals) Combo’s, punishes, normals, spacing, work on them all - You wont have fireballs to zone with, you wont have consistant crossups, you won’t have good mixups - What you will have are great normals, a meaty healthbar, mediocre specials and easy to perform combos - Train everything.

e) Watch videos - Check the “Needs More Dudley” sticky thread and check out the likes of PR Balrog, Ice0age -R- etc - The guys have very different Balrogs but both at high level to which you can have a visual idea of Rog as a character and his capabilities, from patient footsies/option selects of one to all out meter defying 1f link unviable crazy stun combo’s of another.

Just practice practice practice.

This may give you an idea of the bad and good things to do against a projectile character. [media=youtube]gqk_byiAT9s[/media]
There’s also an older article within the matchup thread about how to deal with projectiles as Balrog which although based on Super Balrog, most of it still holds true.