Taking immediate family to court

Would you?

I think Im going to have to report my mom to the fucking IRS. Shes been making frivolous claims on my behalf on her taxes for the last two years, getting thousands and thousands of dollars for things like my tuition, textbooks, tuition, independent housing etc etc.

I just recently found out she’s been forging checks mailed to me and cashing them to the bank.

I really feel some type of way. This is my mother, but now its to the point where my well-being is going to be compromised. IE, I’m almost 3,000 dollars short of money on car insurance and rent, money that I budgeted into my 6-month planner. Money I need to literally maintain my living situation.

I dont hate her. But I feel like she THINKS that just because she birthed me, she is entitled to mooch me, and thats not fair. I’ve been taking care of MYSELF since I was 19. Rent, utilities, car payment, tuition, clothes, food, everything…and I did it all within 30 days, when my mom and stepfather abruptly cut me off financially.

I mean, there really is no getting through to her. And Im sad that its come to this, but I just can not end up homeless or a drop out 4 months until graduation because my mother is being a crazy alcoholic bitch.

Please I dont want any pity, Im just wondering how should I go about this. If I report her to the IRS they are going to throw the book at her ass, but I really need my money. Excuse any typos.

If you’ve been on your own since you were 19 how is she stealing your checks?

Well my parents cut me off sophomore year, so when I went to college my home was still my mailing address.

The scholarships and grants that I would get in the form of checks, some would get sent home and she would forge my signature and cash them. I’d be at school wondering where my money was.

ninja skills.

srsly though, my mom stole all of my life savings and then wouldnt even pay the goddamn taxes owed on the forged stock sales…
i wouldn’t send her to prison or sue her though just cuz shes so unstable.

Aren’t you the same cat whose Pops just got out of the slammer?

Your family needs help, B.

Simply put she betrayed you.Once that happened all the “It’s family” crap goes out the window. That’s what she wants you to think anyway. That it’s okay to screw you over because you’re family.

Unfortunately, im that guy. My family really is a disgrace, which is why I disassociate with the majority of them.

They dont even know I got accepted into Le Cordon Bleu the other day. I’ll be living in London in about 2 years. Far away from these crazy fucks.

I was a good son, which is why I dont understand how my mom can shit on me like this.

id take her to court, seriously she is damaging your life to the point if you ended up homeless how would she feel? everything she is doing as you described she can get some serious time in jail. Your just basically wanting to sue for she took from you.

but thats your mom through, I mean I dont know your situation personally with her but if you cannot come to a mutual agreement then there is no other option.

i’d go to the police dept first to see what your options are.

Unfortunately, it seems there’s no way to get your money back other than taking her to court and even that might take a long time.

Personally, I’d take her to court. If you don’t stop her now, how far will it go? Yeah, yeah, she’s your mom, but you don’t depend on her anymore and you’re doing everything on your own, but she’s taking advantage of that behind your back for her own personal gain.

Her own selfishness could potentially ruin the start of your adult life and as tough as she might have it, it’ll never justify what damage she can cause you. Seriously, at that point, I would stop considering her mommy and instead look at her as a possible threat.

Also, if you live on your own, start having all your mail deliver to your current address.

I was thinking that I would threaten her, but I know my mother and she gets very defensive.

I tried to file my taxes today, and they said I’ll get back 150 dollars. Lol. Are you fucking kidding me. The look on my face right now is like O_-

EDIT: I just got off the phone with two of my aunts, that are furious with her. I’ll try to play nice tomorrow, but if she acts up Im body slamming her ass with my IRS gloves.

You need to cut your mother off, if you moved out then update your mailing address and block her. If she persists, then go to the cops.

Take her to Mathis. He don’t play.

I had a cousin that was sued on Judge Mathis in 1999…lol

I have the best friends in the world tho.

kill them, sell their livers


Find out your options, and if you have no other ones, then have the book thrown at her…dont let yourself be taken advantage of just because she is family. A good mother imo would never use her children for personal gain, sounds like a fucking drug addict to me. Dont be selfless, and then end up bumming around on the streets because of your mother who probably wouldnt take you in if you ended up homeless. That is all.

Good for you, my mother opens all my mail and claims that it’s always an accident, but she’s never gone that damn far. She intrudes in my personal life too much though. I live like three hours away and she’s still always calling my ex-girlfriends and shit, inviting them around just to make drama. It’s fucking bizarre.

People that are saying “It’s your mother” can eat a huge dick. Period.
This is your future and she is robbing you!. **

Your “Mother”, who should be supporting and nurturing you, is taking food out of your mouth and trying to KO your life (AGAIN).

There is a fire under you ass and you need to dump a mother fucking ocean on that bitch.

Your mom might be a crazy bitch but it’s the only mom you’ll ever have. Cut her off and update your shit. Help her out here and there where you can afford it.
Take her to court only if you truly hate her and never plan to speak to her ever again.
The level of fraud you are describing is a major felony(s).

Damn everyone would sell out their blood so quick. Any amount my moms needs I would GIVE her. Lol. Seriously. That’s your mom. Dudes be worrying more about their sanwa buttons and what fast food they wanna eat instead of their own fam. lol. Come on now. No civil way to handle a family dispute without throwing the books and bus at her?