Taking into account execution time with frame data

so say you block a move that gives you +3 frame advantage and you have a super that’s startup is 2 frames, is it possible to throw that super out in that time? or how many leeway frames do you need?

Technically you can do it but, you have to be buffering the super while you’re blocking

I could be wrong

due to hitstop, the huge reversal window, and the fact that being +3 doesn’t mean you have 3 frames to input means you generally have plenty of time to react and throw it out.

I’d just go into training mode, put the dummy on a normal that is -3 and see how early/late you can input the super and see how much leeway you have. It is a lot.

Also no you don’t have to buffer it early or anything.

Doesnt that advantage refer to the time you have before the other player has control again? if you take more than 3 frames to pull out the super can’t they block it?

If you took more than 2 frames after coming out of block stun to pull out the super they could block it(2+2=4). What I’m saying is you don’t have to be sitting there buffering the super during a string or anything, you’ll have plenty of time to confirm it from the last move and you can be sloppy because of all the variables that I mentioned. If you completely input the super before you get out of block stun within a few frames it’ll still come out in SFIV due to how lenient the game is.

You have a pretty big window to get the reversal out really, even with a window that looks very small due to the numbers.