Taking My Lumps - Lookin' for a Willing Mentor

I honestly do not know if this thread belongs in Regional Matchmaking or the Newbie Saikyo Dojo, so if there’s an issue, my sincere apologies for the hassle. Anyhow, on to the point.

I’ve been playing Street Fighter 4AE for a quite a while now. I feel like I understand most of the games mechanics fairly well; I can tell you where it’s unsafe to throw fireballs, can understand and apply frame data, and can execute my combos with relative success. I understand the concept of safe jumps (although, it was a painful lesson), and I grasp the importance of advantage, both spatially and frame-wise. I feel like I know the book stuff pretty darn well. The thing is, I’m a horrible player. I can’t control space to save my life, and my skies are definitely not protected.

I know these are things that can only be fixed with persistence and practice, but I feel like I’m getting so little from the online matches that I play, and I’m hoping that someone on these forums is kind enough to lend me a hand and chat it up a little. If anyone is willing to lend a scrub a hand, I’d really appreciate it. If you’re interested, please just leave a reply here, or PM me, it doesn’t really matter, and I’ll leave some details below to make it a little easier on you guys.

Platform: Playstation 3
Gamer Tag: Snaake89 (Ya, I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean. :P)
Region: Southwest United States, DFW to be more specific. Here’s my ping to the East and West coasts respectively:



Holy crap, my download speed was slow to the East coast…


Mic: Certainly would be preferred, but hey, I’ll take what I can get in terms of help.
Character: I play Dudley. I feel as if I’m decently versed in the character, at least in the basics like hit confirms, basic punishes, AA, and pokes. I must say that I do sort of wing things like Oki and blockstrings, but those aren’t really my main concerns right now, and my basic setups get the job done.

I think that that’s all the info that is needed. Let me know if I’m missing anything. Thanks for all of the help!

IMO…you are better off asking in Online Outlets and Regional Matchmaking.


Wow, that was quick… Should I wait for a moderator to move the thread, or should I just close it and start up shop elsewhere?

A mod will likely close this one…

Yes but before he does; how’s your connection to the Dominican republic?
Add my second account: Fps_rd4 (don’t ask, sigh why am I such a fucking idiot? -_-;.)
Someone once said “let’s suck together and try to get better that way” or something like that.

I’m not sure if the Dominican Republic will grant me diplomatic immunity… I might have to try the Moscow Airport. On a more serious note, I sent you a request. It’s always good to have friends to play with! That reminds me, I need to add my account name to the OP.