Taking notes........


I’ve seen people on streams for multiple games go to their smartphones before a match, and I know they’re looking up notes for a specific matchup. So, I decided to start doing that as well.

Now, what does everyone take into account when they take notes for a matchup?


Specific setups that work or don’t work versus certain characters, counters to moves, knowing what’s safe and punishable, basically listing out matchup information pertaining to your match.


I thought that they just check if someone is calling and they are just muting their cell phones before game ^^" It’s not a joke. I just think that most of people we watch on best major tournaments have their match up knowledge in head and don’t need notes :wink:


But they wouldn’t be doing that for every single match. I actually know of a few players that have this type of information in their phones, a book, or something. Hell, the Ibuki guys have google docs on which combos work on which characters, unblockable setups, etc.

Given the large cast in modern fighting games, it’s no surprise that it helps to have a little guide to double check to see what works on which characters. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it might end up giving you the match based on you remembering some small technical detail that mattered.


My thoughts run directly to checking their tweets or something.

I really can’t fathom how looking up matchup specifics would help.
If it’s something simple like (Sakura falls out of HK Tatsu’s) then it’s likely remembered.
If it’s something more complex like (To avoid Virgil/Wesker/Zero mixup, first dash then look out for the overhead and then press M,M,H,S then dash).
When it comes to the match you’ll forget it in an instant if it’s not already in your brain to do it.

However, I find the possibility that they’re checking up player specifics a lot more likely.(For Example)

  • Gamerbee like is patience and good at spacing, struggle with crossup pressure.
  • Infiltration is very aggressive, bait and beware of his high / low mixup.
  • Vangief like to ‘Protect the Russian Skies!’ Beware!

Frankly though, I would think it’s difficult to use such tactics, as when the fights start, all that counts is that moment.


Phone checking shenanigans existed long before twitter, facebook or youtube. :lol:


I’ve personally seen people look up notes before matches, especially against better opponents where they want to remember the best punishes for a specific character. That being said, the vast majority of people are either changing the song on their phone, looking for messages, or taking a small break from the match to get a breather.



“I got other stuff to do other than bodying you, this aint even my whole day.”


Well, you can either hope to enforce your game onto the opponent. Failing that, you need to know the match-up, otherwise your opponent has the edge over you, before the match has even started.

With 30 characters, it would be quite difficult to know all the match-ups. But one would essential learn the more common ones, as opposed to the more obscure ones. At my local arcade, I only have match-up knowledge of Ryu, Ken, Guile, Sagat, Yun, Fei. And when a completely new character comes in, like Ibuki - I really have no idea. But I’m glad I’m somewhat familiar with the Ryu match-up, cause that is almost like bread and butter, given how popular the poster boy is.

I think the only thing you can do, if you haven’t already sat down and studied all the the match-ups, or accumulated endless experience, is to read these forums for the match-up knowledge, or watch high level match-ups on your phone. Often they’re Japanese, but there’s a lot of great US players too.

If your gifted and clever, you could figure it out in the middle of the match. If you know your normals, have good footsies, spacing and zoning, then you could work out a solution. So for the rest of us, gotta do your homework.


maybe they had a conversation, and if its not that then probably they went to some site for matchup data


I’ve checked my phone in a Ohio tournament when I crushed a kid with my Juri, he counter picked the next game with honda, so i looked up info on how to handle the Juri/Honda match-up


You can’t see the benefit of looking up specific information about your character vs. theirs? It’s to get your gameplan ironed out before you even start. The player may know about this stuff beforehand, but reading it refreshes it and puts it in your mind so you don’t forget about it. Specific character information is more solid than player tendencies, which might not even apply due to your skill or your character.


there are character specific things a lot simpler than what you explained that need to be checked before a game. It can be the difference between winning and losing. Also the Sakura example is pretty silly and doesnt really add anything, or maybe i just don’t understand what “Sakura falls out of HK Tatsu’s” means. Either way its easy for players to think beyond the scope of “the moment” and plan ahead. That sometimes can be called ‘downloaded,’ being 2 steps ahead of your opponent.


Unblockables, max punishes, odd safe jump timings. At least that’s what I would do if I took the time to do it.


Checking the phone before the match? Shit, I’m just checking to see what my shorty said. I ain’t looking at matchup information. You should go in knowing your matchups honestly. That’s what practicing is for.

On the real though, they’re probably just checking twitter or facebook… things of those sorts.