Taking on Chun Li

I’m new to ssfIV and to the forums. So I just wanted to make this first post. I don’t really know what my alt character will be.

Chun seems like a more difficult player to start with since I haven’t played at all before, but I can’t seem to stray from her.

So are you saying you want to learn how to play Chun-li? You didn’t clearly say that in the post lol. I recommend watching videos and reading on some stickied threads on here and ask questions you’re curious about in the Q&A thread. That’s just a start I would recommend.

Welcome aboard get ready for a shit ton of tooth and nail victories.

I’m sorry, yes I plan on using Chun Li as my main. I didn’t say it in the post because I didn’t want to seem like I was repeating the thread title.

I have watched my husband (iQuick) play ssf IV a lot, and fir many hours, but I never decided to play. It wasn’t until after I watched the whole Evo stream that I got this unbearable urge to play. Lol, so I bought a madcatz stick and the custom parts and started practicing.

I have been staying in the training mode right now so that I can memorize the skills buttons, learn combos, and perfect the timings.

Hell yeah thats what im talking about, secrety planning to wup ur husbands ass I see ROFL. Well like the folks say try watching some vids of Chun Li game play.

I recommend One Handed Terror, he is a retired SF tournament player of sorts kinda that has a series of Chun Li and Dudly matches. I recommend thsi because as he plays he explains what he does so it’s easy to understand what he is trying to accomplish win or lose. It’s great for beguinners rather than trying to study lets say Nemo who moves like a lightning bolt was shoved up his ass hehe. He has a series of videos to follow it starts with Street Fighter 4 then goes into Super Street FIghter 4 in other videos. He shows how to read frame data and use advance techniques with Chun and shows how they work, really great and over looked channel, explore all his channels.

[media=youtube]Hge8UtWSbnU]YouTube - OHT Chun Li Live! - Session 1.1 - Street Fighter 4 [vs. RY / RY[/media]

I would love to kick my husband’s ass in sf. But I will definitely look into those videos. I need as much help as I can get

Or You can just get someone to kick his ass for you ^-^
But if You Need Help With Chun ill Be more then Happy To Help Just Msg me on Live
GT: OmG iTz Andre

I will probably take you up on that offer but I am no where near any level of fighting against someone.

feel free to add either myself (AHeroicRetreat on xbox live) or my buddy Raiden (RAIDENTHASHOCKA on xbox live) we are middle-ground chun players with great appreciation for the character

we also play the character drastically differently so you can see what she can do on offense and defense :slight_smile:

For the love of God take my advice in learning her fundamentals as in what her normals are good for. As in her pokes and their range. Also practice in training stopping jumpins. Chun is pretty free backed in a corner or locked down in pressure. Chun has lots of tools to stop that and a good player never lets that happen.

As in, don’t be like me :tup:

I’ll bust out my Dan if you want to practice I just got back from some games last night with Chun and I will try to explain what was explained to me if you want.

Best starting ground for Chun players:

Step 1) Learn c.lk x n into EX Lightning Legs
Step 2) Learn footsies for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
Step 3) Learn to throw, tech throws, and CH s.hk.
Step 4) [optional] Eventually learn s.fp links, CH combos, advanced links, stomp combos, whatever.

srs. Learn step 2.

Thanks for the advice. I did learn the throws off the bat. iQuick bought me a strategy guide so I could look over the links in there while I was at work and he taught me some links. He has been trying to help me get my timing down with small moves at the moment. A work in progress but it’ll get there slowly. I hope to learn Chun in and out.