.:Taking ONE Request:

Taking ONE request since I’ve been away for a long while. Tell me what you need and I’ll have it for you as soon as possible. Plus, I finally got rid of my other program and am now using Photoshop.


sup hawaii

Hey can you make me an Av with Mitsurugi from SC2(armor costume) and Orlandu from FF Tactics?I’d want it to be animated if that’s possible–that’d be s0 cool.I guess give it a kind of ‘airbrushed’ look.Have it read’holy destroyer’, in between the characters or something. thanx al0t -Cid

sup hawaii

no request 4 ThunderGod Cid


request cancel

Hey Hawaiigamer just cancel that av request then man,I understand.I didn’t mean to whore,I was just trying 2 get a response from some1.Hopefully tonbarry will do 1 for me -Cid

Thanks Auto for the update. And just don’t let it happen again Thundergod.


Hey HG, i still love this av that you made, but you can make a new one for me if you want. Sagat, Ryu, Terry if possible. an N groove bar again plz. tharimrattler somewhere on it and a cool background. thx.

Yes, I will take your request TheRimRattler. And glad you still have the one I made you a while ago.

Pick Up. If you dont like it let me know and I’ll do it again.


Looks good but a few changes please.
Change “therimrattler” with “tharimrattler” and make it a different font, but about the same size.
I like the way they blend into the background, but make them a little more dark, or apparent over the background. (Just a little)

Ok Revised.

can i make a request?

hey hawaiigamer can i make a request? because i don’t even have 1 picture to claim as mine.

can i get an avatar of a pic of akuma, to be more specific it shows akuma leaning forward with his head sort of down and his arms spread out and its sort of dark and his eyes are glowing red, if u go to akumacombos.com and go download akuma volume 9 it shows this pic at the end of his video. I would like that pic or anything similar and it is flashing like lightning sort of slow and my gamertag, Raziel321 is flashing along with it. Thanks if u take this request, and if not maybe some other time

Damn Raziel, you requested in like 5 threads already.:confused:

keeping my options open

Raziel321: You request in one thread and in one thread only. So sorry, I won’t take yours if you’ve already requested in other threads.

hungarian_boss: I’ll take your request, lemme know what you want.

ur the only one thats responded can u please make me one?


Well since I’ve never had one b4. I was thinking, can I have Magneto, Cable and Doctor Doom w/a dark blue background and then my name in the bottom corner? Nothin too fussy because I just want something to claim as my own.

Sorry it’s been awhile, I ve been busy with school and marching band. I’ll get to your request soon.