Taking out the Trash when I want to Emerald Canon after Torpedo

I have a simple She-Hulk bnb using Wesker’s OTG:

c.L c.M c.H S j.M j.M j.H delay S, Wesker OTG, repeat previous combo up to OTG, Torpedo into Hyper

Now, whenever I try to Torpedo into Emerald Canon, the game keeps registering it as a SRK motion because it retains the info from when I pressed forward to dash. I have tried to let go of the directional buttons (I play on a controller) before pressing s.L to use Torpedo and going into a hyper, but it STILL comes out as Taking Out the Trash.

I have resorted to just trying to predict the direction my opponent techs and then punishing with “Trash” and it’s been working well enough so far, but it’s a gambled reset chance when Emerald Cannon is a guarantee on damage.

Any timing advice I should know? And any pieces of advice to improve upon that listed combo? I don’t want my She-Hulk to be a one-note fighter anymore.

Probably just want to pause a bit also from the OTG also you should be able to do a stand H then launch. Also you could try runners start, run -> then down direction L for torpedo.

Wait, so pressing down after a runner’s start causes her to run forward? If so, that will help tremendously!

I’ll also try adding that standing H into the combo. Thank you.

you are using pad right?

Yes, using a pad. Also… sadly, pressing down does nothing :expressionless:

when doing torpedo into emerald cannon: after the torpedo, wait a second then input the motion for emerald cannon. Solved most of my problems while i was on pad.

Try doing the torpedo late. Start the run, and activate the torpedo late and that might be enough time for the game to stop reading the forward from the run so you can do a proper quarter circle.

I’ll just have to try that, because in training mode, the inputs are showing a correct :d::df::f: motion, and it’s still acting like a :f::d::df: motion.

Also, off-topic, is there any way to incorporate her :f::h: punch in a combo? I can’t seem to find one as the opponent recovers too quickly after it lands.

The motion you’re doing is correct, but the game stored the original :f: motion from the run and is interpreting the next :d: :df: :f: as a sloppy dp motion.
After the overhead, you can do a light if you’re quick. You could always throw out wesker’s gunshot a bit after you start, so it’s easier to combo and will (probably) make you safe if they block.

Thanks. My emerald canon is more consistent now thanks for the idea about delaying slightly. I’ll also try out that :f::h: idea. It’s an overhead and both my assists are low-hitting, so I can find something to do with it to set up unblockable situations.

I just wish She-Hulk had more activity on these forums. She’s the only character of my 3 that’s truly lacking in a true combo that’s not just ABCD combos.

I had the same problem on stick, I found out that I was just doing the inputs too fast which was making one move buffer into the other. After I do th forward L to go into torpedo I go back to neutral and input the super instead of just inputting it right after the torpedo. That solved the problem. You can also link a Crouching L after her overhead, what you can also do after you hit with the C. L is cancel it into her S. L into her running grab. it’s a pretty good frame trap which will catch the majority of mashing or push blocking.

I’ve made the timing better, but I still get TOtT sometimes. But at least I can say I can reliably go into Emerald Cannon more often now.

My She-Hulk overall has gotten better. Found a combo that works for me pretty well…using a Wesker OTG. I just need to find myself a command-grab combo that’s soloable that at least hits 600,000.

Just read “solo” after posting. My bad. You can Run—>Clothesline to get a crumple after a command grab, and that’s a bit more.

You can command grab them, then, depending on your screen position, either dash forward once or twice or just stay still and raw tag into Wesker for roughly 600,000. You wanna try to space it to where you don’t hit them with the tag. Wesker can probably still combo though. Tagging out removes damage scaling, but She-Hulk’s command grab has weird hitstun scaling. The longer you wait after dizzying them, the more hitstun is applied. Try grabbing them, then doing a jump M,M,H,S loop twice. Now try the same thing, but taunt first. It doesn’t work. It’s weird and I haven’t found anything similar with any other characters. I’ll upload a video later today.

I did not know that about the hitstun while dizzy. I was wondering why sometimes combos drop. Would you happen to know if its the same thing with the clothesline? I haven’t been able to hit the lab lately. What I usually do after the command grab is use the clothesline to position the character then hard tag in for a combo.

Unless She-Hulk’s Clothesline crumple works differently than everyone else’s, this weird property doesn’t apply. I can’t check for a few days, but take Iron Fist as an example. If you grab them then tag IF in, he can’t combo M,H,QCB L, QCF L, QCF M. The combo will drop after the QCF L. He can do that combo off of his and She-Hulk’s crumple though, so I don’t think it applies to crumples.

And yes, I know I don’t have to mash the hell out of Emerald Cannon, but I’m used to the timing now.

I’ve never really run into this problem. The thing is that you can almost do something similar to p-linking the forward command after the runner’s start so that you’re not actually doing ->L and instead you’re doing something that looks like this down down S L and then you can do your qcf hyper with no issue.
Delaying the input of the L is somewhat feasible just don’t delay it too long. Worst case scenario, if you have one bar just do a THC input after the OTG connects and she’ll still go into Emerald.

I’ve never thought of THCing the Emerald Cannon. That’s a good idea.

Just remember to make sure you only have one meter stock or else you can’t go past Emerald Cannon and you’ll get a THC xP

With the right team setup, you could THC, a beam or something would prevent her dropkick from using a wallbounce, and she would finish Cannon, go into run, slide, and do another one. It’d be really team-specific but it’d look cool

Well the only rough part with that is that you might have too much hitstun deterioration after that THC and the character may just roll out of the combo after you OTG again. At the point I would opt for a reset.