Taking previously used XBOX360 online

doesnt microsoft monitor online behavior by the system unit?

Does this present any problems with taking a previously used XBOX360 of potentially dubious history online?

theyre like half price, is it worth it?

In my opinion its a bad Idea. If the 360 was banned you wont be able to take it online.

If it’s a modded console then yes, you’ll get banned but if it’s not tampered with everything’s fine.

Can’t have them unban the system if you tell them you bought it used?

they go by the account, not the system…unless the system is modded you won’t have an issue.

I doubt it. They can’t even technically give you any support if you buy it used. If they could do that everyone would just do it.

I believe he is talking about a modded console. What you say is right though.

umm…my first 360 was used, it had an issue and was under warranty and MS fixed it.

And once again, they ban the XBL account, not the system.

They will ban the account but if they get enough banned accounts from the same system or the system is discovered to be modded they will ban the system.

I’ve known people that used modded systems for years without any problems until they got RROD in which case they were screwed because they couldn’t send it in for warranty.

ohh, he never stated the console was modded.

However, he’ll still be able to get online under his account…then they’ll ban him.

edit: going by the info in the OP, I don’t think it’s a modded 360…they definately don’t go for half the price. It probably belonged to sh1thead kid who’s every third word was n1gger.

thank you

It should have said “technically have to give you support”. They can’t tell if you bought it used or not. But if you told them they can say no.

I assumed “potentially dubious history online?” meant modded. But yeah I guess he means someone got their account banned for being an ass.

They actually don’t ban the account. they ban that Xbox itself.

I suppose for the more serious infractions they could ban the system itself. Major Nelson just did a a podcast interview with the dude who polices Xbox Live, and they mention console banning in it.

The interview starts at 56 minutes and the console banning stuff is at around the hour and 18 minute mark.

yeah thats also what im thinking …

Actually its the other way around. They ban your xbox ID which is unique to each system. They do this so if you don’t cancel your xbox live account… obviously your credit card keeps getting charged. Once its banned there is no way to play on live unless you buy a new 360. Your account and all of the things your have bought with the account are still safe. You can just transfer your hdd to another 360 to update your live account for gamerscore etc. Your best bet is buying a 360 Arcade. Best of luck.

I’ve been temp banned, my buddy logged on to my 360 with his account and he had no issues.

I’ve done the same with other friends who have been banned, I just logged on with my GT and everything worked fine.

When I contacted Xbox as to the reason why I was banned, “Daniel”, his real name was probably Apu Nahasapetapatalan, told me for foul language and that the account is what’s banned, not the system.

I’ve seen temp bans and I’ve seen perma bans. I wouldn’t touch a banned 360 with a ten foot pole.

If the mod’s done right and the previous owner knew what they were doing with the back-up images, you don’t have to worry about being banned.

I’ve been running modded 360s online for almost 3 years now

this has cleared up nothing for me

Assuming the they ban the console unit; if i get a refurbished XBOX 360 from gamestop or wherever, are they guaranteed to be online friendly (not banned)?

If it’s those Microsoft certified refurbished ones, then I’d hope that they were online-capable. From anywhere else but a major retailer, I’d use a bit more caution.