Taking Request


Anyone need help with art?
Taking request
$30-$100 depending on time and difficulty and if custom box and If you want bottom and sides.
Yahoo: empd2 (if you add me please state why your adding and who you are)
email: kamucio@gmail.com
What kind of stick.
Concept and time you are available to chat.
If custom box please send dimensions.

Here are some I recently did:



There is a trading outlet for this sort of stuff.

There are also rulesin regards to selling/trading on SRK.

Now, I’m no mod, so obviously this is just me providing the information, from one user to the next, but… I would expect at least a warning shot to be fired in your direction.

Also, holy shit, $30-$100, not including the printing? Not to hate on your work, but there are a lot of people who would do similar work in the boards for free… You may want to look around and get more familiar with the boards before deciding on a price, if you want to go through with this service.


I think you should offer it for free, since it isn’t your artwork and all. Think of it as service to the community.


Yeah, you are breaking 3 rules at the same time.

  1. You need 50 posts to sell
  2. you need 6 months to sell
  3. you aren’t allowed to make money using other people’s artwork.

Any IMM mod feel free to throw this over to TO where I’ll handle it or infracti/close right here.


I could do much better work for free…:coffee:


Deapool one’s kind of familiar…



I was about to post that…wow.
Shame on you, OP…shame on you.


What a douche.

Get b&. =(


Wow after seeing so many people here offer their services for free to see you trying to charge this is much a shame… but to see you actually take credit for someone elses work?.. You might as well close your account cause you’ll get no love from now on…