Taking requests for 2 Naruto avs

whelp, I haven’t made an av in a looong time, but I have some free time tomorrow… I know it’s silly, but Naruto is my current favorite anime so I’ll make 2 avs based on this theme… If you don’t like Naruto then no need to reply:p


-I don’t do animations… well I CAN, but I’m not very good at it

-I’d prefer if only 1 character was chosen

-It’d make it easier if you told me the color you want the backround/base to be

-I’ll ATTEMPT to make the av to your specification, but I’m rusty so don’t expect AWESOME work like from the other av makers:p

whats up man,you watch naruto?me to bro…anyways,just finished 56…sweet series eh?who’s your favourite character?mines Zabuza all the way…

and speeking of him,i guess ill have one of him dont care what bg or sprite it is…just use your skills,im sure your good…i love yours hahah mr sennin.Thanks.:cool:

ohhh how about a kakashi avatar with the sharingan eye in the background. THe theme could revolve around those colors…black and red. HE could be standing there and in the back ground is the sharingan… …um, and the quote a thousand years of pain would be pretty badas too.

haahh wow I cant type tonight, i realized i said the same thing twice, but you get the Idea. :lol: :lol:

LOL, Jaraiya is DA MAN!!!.. Zabuza was cool… it kinda sucked that he ended up dying so soon:( Neways I’m d/ling 56 right now… it’s taking FOREVER…aaah… I’ll see what I can do for the av :slight_smile:

Yupyup, sounds cool… I’ll try to finish ASAP :slight_smile:

ok thanks…yeah 56 is awsome especially the end of it.to bad zabuza had to die…pises me off.:cool:

dang… is it still to late to request?.. if not i want a kakashi!!! y? cuz he too freekin kool… thx if u take it… um thx anyways if u dont take it… bye bye

OK, the av looks stupid so far…:bluu: … I was trying to do something different, so I tried to make the av shaped like his sword… neways, I’ll prolly take the same image and put it in a more conventional av, but I thought I’d let you see my attempt:p

edit… hmmm, it doesn’t look as bad as I thought in the attachment… I dunno, tell me if you like it and I’ll continue with it, or I’ll make another av…

If I have time I’ll try to make one for you:)

hey pain thats cool man…thanks i like it…i like what you did with the sword shape thing thats sick,its a bit plane in colour tho…but i like it thanks man apreiciate it.

lol… I wasn’t done yet… I was going to add a little more airbrushing to the sword and add your name… but if you like it as it is then I guess I’ll leave it at that? :slight_smile: You can be honest though… I mean if you don’t really like it I could make another one… :smiley:

Here’s a SAMPLE of what I have so far = P… I’m NOT done yet, but I’d like your feedback before I go any further…

I made the sharingan myself, but I think it’s pretty accurate… Kakashi has 3 of those swirly things, while Sasuke has 2 right?? … Neways, here’s what I have so far

oh yeah thats right could you just put my name on it,i cant beliveve i didnt notice that man doh!..oh and i guess ad a bit of airbrush like you said thanks agian i love it.:cool:

Aiity… I think it’s missing a little something… I’m not sure what, but here’s what I have so far

cool man sweet…it looks awsome,maybe try aking the name a bit bigger thanks.:cool:

Hmm… I tried making the text bigger, but it looked weird… so I made the text black instead so it’s easier to read now…

Actually, try this

sweeet man thanks it looks sick,thanks again.love the sword idea fits with it,keep up the good work.:cool:

wuts up pain, just wondering if u are taking anymore requests? if so then can u make me a Hinata av? thanks

LOL!! Jaraiya is too fucking funny. Yea…Naruto is top tier.

No problem… it was pretty fun trying something new:p … Neways, thanks for the compliments:D … oh BTW, I just watched 56; awesome episode…:slight_smile:

I’m not going to be able to fit “a thousand years of pain” in, but you could write that in your title(i.e.where it says “senior member” …

I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll try it if I have time :slight_smile:

I made a hinata gif from screen captures, but I don’t know how to turn it into an av…