Taking requests for 2 Naruto avs


Here’s another one in av size


Hey, if u are still takin requests can you make me a shikamaru one? Thanks


cool captures, yea if things dont work out with that and all can u just make one using any of these 2 pics into an av instead?? perfering the 1st pic. thanks




Fobio… I’m still working on yours… I was trying to make a kakashi one where he’s doing his finishing move with the electricity, but it’s not working out because it gets too blurry… I’ll see what I can do… do you have any colors in mind?..

OCK, yours was actually not too hard b/c the original captures had black backgrounds, so I didn’t have to erase anything… The thing is, I can’t change anything on it if you don’t like it b/c I accidentally saved it in imageready:(


Totto… I kinda hit a wall with the av… I can’t think of anything else to do… I have an unanimated one and 2 that I TRIED to animate but turned out weird… I dunno, take a look at them and see what you think




that looks tight, but its over the size limit. is there anyway u can change it or make another one where its under 20k? animated or non-animated ones are fine.


alternate picture


aww, that sucks… well I can make it with less frames, but it obviously won’t look as good… I’m sure there’s a way to reduce file size, but I don’t know how since I just started using imageready… here’s a smaller one


No guarantees, but I’ll see what I can do if I have the time


cool, yea that’ll do…thanks man. Hinata is fucking dope. :cool:


I know its late, but could I request a Kiba and Akamaru avatar? I figured it would be best to ask in here because I think you do an excellent job rather then make a whole new thread.


hahah looks like your getting more then just two eh pain?nice work tho…keep it up,and yeah 56 was cool eh,alright im off seeya
and thanks again for my av you use PS to?my aims on my profile check it out.:cool:


Haha… yeah, I guess Naruto was more popular than I thought:p . I don’t have AIM… do you have MSN??.. neways, laters:)


cool ill send you a pm.


I would like someone to me an avatar of Mag , Cable , and Sent using real pics . Thanx .


hey man cant you read he’s doing only naruto av’s…ill do one for you just post up on my thred…:stuck_out_tongue:


um pain… sry for not gettin back to u earlier… ive been playin d2 alot lately… emm as for color… any color u see fit is fine… and take ur time… im patient… thanx agen


wow holy shit, thats fucking awsome. THanks a bunch man, great work and great layout. I appreciate it!


hmm…i just saw the second ones. Tough choices. I like the one with the sharingan spinning, but I also like the other kakashi picture better :lol: oh well, I can just switch out between the two. THanks alot again tho man. Definetly nice.