Taking Requests

Come on in and ill take your request…


Hey there,

I was wondering if you could create a nice looking animated avatar with CvS2 Bison painting the fence and saying “TALK PAS SHIT!”. If that’s too hard or you don’t feel like doing it could you make an animated avatar of CvS2 Kyo getting owned? I really hate Kyo :evil:

You can add on to the avatars with your own touches/effects if you wish. Thanks in advance!

hey psycho, great stuff, i like your newest av. Wanna make one of Ryu using any SVC sprites for me? it would be awesome if you said yes, if no, than good luck with tagging, your still one of the better ones.

Here’s one

Yeah sure ill do it… just give me the sprite you want me to use…

Here’s another piece of my work (attached)

:eek:WOOT!:eek: very nice!:cool:

Yea I like this one alot…

Just a simple yes or no would do. Can you make one of the avatars I requested? Whichever is easier. Let me know so I know to ask someone else if you don’t want to do it.

couldnt find any good ryu so i took an evil ken. If you could do one of him that would be cool. Thanks.

I’ll try my best… If I can’t i’ll try and make you something simpler…

Peace dogg

I sure can… it’ll be done in a bit…

Peace dogg

You do some awesome work, i have been working onmaking my own av, but I totally suck right now. I was wondering if you could make me an av of Ryu or Evil Ryu, I am in no hurry so you can take you time. Thanks


Mith - Your av is attached… i hope you like it

WOW THAT KEN IS AMAZING bows to the master

oh and thanks for saying yes

Thanks man. Anything close to what I asked is fine.

top shelf quality like normal man, keep up the good work.

Thanks man… Didn’t think it was good but if you like it… kewl

damn patrick, you havent lost your touch for avatars i see. good work man. that manson av is fuckin smooth
alright man, i have a request. it will be kinda like, a team up thing. i want you to use one of my sprite edits in an avatar for me. sound like a plan?




which ever one you feel like using.

oh, BTW, finally pierced my ears man. :lol:

Damn yo, so you finnally got them pierced…huh… lol… Get on AIM… so I can get ahold of ya and see if there’s anything going on for tonight… such as Carl and Meagens… and yeah ill make an av fo ya… fo sho… i’ll make one of both of them… then we’ll see which one suits you best…

ArchAngel_Ryu: Your av is attached… i hope you like it…