*Taking some Av Requests*

Im bored, i need something to do.












Just request here

Haha nice.

lol! that was wrong :clap:

hey, what’s your limits? what will or will you not do regarding requests?
only short animations? on shoto characters? what? :confused:

Could you answer my request?


i would, but i cant find that animation/rip of q’s intro as well…

Can u make me a Hibiki (from CvS2) perfoming here black out special please?

can u do this
looks like no one wants to take it

What font is that?

angryblue font

koopa, k
YuH8TNG - could you provide the animation? i cant find that gif.

Would you care to mess around with this image of Ironman.

I’d like to see just half of the ironman image or perhaps the whole thing if you can shrink it. Besides that just butter up the background image so it doesn’t look like trash. Preferred colors=clay, ash, chocolate and brick red.

Could I possibly get an avatar of the provided picture:


Nothing special. Probably just have it scroll from her face halfway down her body and then back up again. No typo.

thanks for the AV man!

dpossum, done ^^ top of thread

lei mana, ill work on it later

could i have an av with this pic of rocking rob halford in it? with name pls http://img.interia.pl/rozrywka/nimg/Rob_Halford_Judas_546951.jpg

I could use something new with Geese or Rock in it. I can’t think of anything specific that I want, so if you happen to have an avatar just laying around with either of them, I wouldn’t mind it.

Ok, on quick thought, Geese doing his Reppuken that hits other characters straight up (like in Chaos if you’ve seen it), doing that Reppuken on Kim and then comboing it into the Raising Storm, preferably the SVC Chaos animation of it. It should be the same as the older KOF versions.

If you can’t though, no worries. I doubt if I could find the sprites or anything, I’m terrible at doing searches for these kinds of things.

Exactly what I wanted. I was hoping that you would use a background similar to your own. Your urien looks cool :slight_smile:

Boleslaw, k

Raging… storm… k, i cant find any kim sprites tho? you know where?

dpossum, i updated yur av, there was a problem.

Anyway you can retool my av? Same characters just a different background. I don’t know where to get the animation for them but I would like a fresh new look for a change. If you can’t that’s cool.

Would you know the names of those chars?

i dont play kof… well like 3 times…

other ppl, ill get to work on the avs soon.

motw characters
hotaru and b jenet if i recall