Taking some request

Just wanna take a shot at this, pretty bored too… Just taking 3 requests to see if this works…

some crap samples… warning: a lot of my shit looks the same… I use the basic fonts in the program because I’m too lazy to lookup how to add fonts in Imageready.

here are two avs I just did for fun, if anyone wants em, just lemme know.

If it isn’t any trouble to you, Crow, could you make me an av of Psylocke from MvsC2 and Mai from CvS?

Anything is all right with me, but I do want my forum name “NinjMai” wherever space may be.

Anything else is fine by me.

Thanks again!


hehe nice opening up a request thread, GL!!:smiley:

maybe you can do one fo me ^_^.


That Black Sentinel pointing to a sprite of CvS2 Mai… that has Captain Commando’s head instead of Mai’s. Include the caption “whore that assist!” or “whore that shit!” You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it’s an idea I just had to type down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninjmai: alright, sprites or pictures?

monkeyspank: lol, yeah sure. what do you want?

4neqs: yeah sure, I’ll do it.

I’ll get to them asap. Don’t have the program at home currently. I do them all at school.


Here is the Psylocke pic I’d like.

I decided to just have Psy and save Mai for another time.

Like I said, anything you like to add or use would be great.

Thanks again!


wicked… ill get to it soon

hello CRoW, i was taking a look at some of your work and you got good human av, that’s why iam making another request, but only if you feel like doing it:D

If so, i’ll take and av of a female, perfer asain or black (perfer black), either one, but the hole av in black and white but showing the chick from a side view with her long hair but pick a dime piece for this:lol: and no background is needed, just make sure the av is at a toned down back and white and don’t put specialistk in the av also with a black boarder around the av for a complete finish :wink:

If you mean the one I’m using now, that one is made by monkeyspank. The human av that is.

i’ll take the magneto one.




any changes or anything lemme know.



word, thanks




I like it a bunch, Crow.

I love the shades that you used. It fits the picture really well.

Thanks a bunch!


no prob, any changes just lemme know.



make me a simpsons av lol…

anything specific? or just the family?

LMAO! :lol: God, it’s perfect! I’ll take it. Thanks!

hmm surprize me :smiley: .

hey can you hook me up with a Gundam av for my friend?
and add the name “5Kr1bbL3” somewhere on it. That is if youre up to it :stuck_out_tongue: