Taking this game serious, good or bad?

i wanna be good, top 8 @ EVo good type of good. yet, im a scrub. sometimes ill lose online consecutively and just feel like scumbag/gootecks’n my stick. even worse is when I KNOW im better than this character and lose. i spend A LOT of my time off browsing around SSF4, its like my ESPN cuz i love the game that much (j wong leaving emp was more shocking than lebron leaving cleveland). so its a love and hate relationship. will i ever be an elite fight gamer? only time will tell. should i spend countless hours on this game rather than going out and seeing the sun for once? probably not. but still i wanna be good.

I don’t see why taking it seriously enough to aspire to be a Top 8 Evo player would be a bad thing. I find the idea exciting, though I don’t have such an aspiration.

Start off locally and go from there, see if it’s what you really want. If you can’t make Top 8 at your local tournament then you’re not gonna make Top 8 at Evo.

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This is borderline troll territory. But i’ll humor you.

How long have you been “taking this game seriously?” Because all of the top 8 at EVO in SSF4have been playing on an international level for years. I hate to say it, but unless you’re a fighting game savant, it’s going to take you years and years of hardcore (offline, mind you) practice and training to even stand a chance. Good luck at EVO 2020.

Pretty much this. The top players with the exception of a few newbies (Vance aka Vangief to mention a name who EVERYONE who pays attention to the scene will recognize) have all been playing SF since at least 2001’ish. It literally takes YEARS of experience to get to that level. Burning yourself out playing hours a day will not help you at all. Many pros have said that they practice very little if at all, because they’ve garnered all their experience through years of playing and really don’t need to. Playing a lot MAY speed up the process, but you still have to do it in moderation.

Ever notice how after a few hours of playing you begin to do stupid shit and zone out mid-round, your hands just flowing into the movements but not necessarily the best ones for the situation? Yeah, that’s not a video game mind meld, that’s called burning out.

If you were better, you wouldn’t lose…

You say that like people don’t make mistakes. Skilled people make less mistakes than those who are unskilled, but there’s still the potential for error.

word, esp after 10 rounds of intense matches. I feel like crap afterwards…

So frikin true.

Champions are not made in a day, enjoy the game while playing to win, try to not get angry and if you are beginning to go downhill during your sessions take a break.

Moderation is important but don’t listen to the “the top players don’t practice at all” bs …

In order to get where they are they had to spend at least SOME time practicing. I think it’s silly to say to someone that isn’t on that level “the best people don’t practice because practice is for newbs”. You need to practice to get there but don’t go crazy with it … the second you stop making smart decisions and you notice you’re losing more often … let the game go and start fresh the next day.

That’s the single most important thing to me right now … knowing when i’m burnt out … and starting over in training mode the next morning.

Knowing that what you want to accomplish takes A LOT of time is half the battle … taking that time is the 2nd part of it.

I don’t know about your background but… I’ll just make a guess and say you’re an online player, and young at that. (You usually don’t have this kind of dreams once you’ve put up with some shit in life)

1- Go offline, integrate with your local community (and you might even get a bit of sun in the process)
2- Don’t burn out, you’re looking at a many years investment
3- Time is most precious: rationalize your practice, and don’t troll the forums/youtube. You’d be amazed to see how good time management lets you put time in what you like and “have a life” too !
4- Work on all the other parts of your life, you have to be physically and mentally fit
5- Have the winner mindset: read Sirlin’s book or any other one on the subject, and though many people despise this here, play to win.

You can’t be passive when you play. You have to step up your shit. You have to be thinking about every movement you and your opponent make and react accordingly. It’s hard work.

Sorry I should have made what I meant more clear. Yes, I’m sure they needed to practice to get where they are now, but it’s like riding a bike in that once you get to that point, you don’t forget so long as you make sure to play for a little bit every day or two to stay rust-free.

My point was that you don’t need to practice for hours upon hours every day, as that will burn you out. Moderation is key. Many people have the illusion that pro gamers just sit in their basements 8 hours a day and practice their game(s) of choice, but this is VERY far from the truth (although some FPS players do play for hours on end, I find it hard to burn out in FPS games).

Except it’s not, all top players put in huge amounts of practice all the time. Sure you can get very good players that have put in the time in the past, and relax a bit now, but they’re not at the very top. Fact is the more you play the better you get, and I would imagine the minimum you will find one of the best players playing is 3 hours a day - though some will play for much longer and I’m sure all will have played for longer average periods than that to get that good to begin with.

And also just for perspective, 3 hours a day works out at just over 45 days a year (solid).

I have similar aspirations. I don’t exactly want to be Top 8 material, but I’d like to become at least known as a pro player someday. In my case, I started playing Fighting Games this year, which means I started VERY late, and I’d have a ton to catch up on, but, I’m only 14, and nowadays, with all the resources we have, it’s much easier to learn because everyone’s willing to teach. It will take me a long time like everyone else, but I’ve started fairly young, compared to those starting in their 20’s. I’m just going to stick with it, this is my hobby.

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^ Im not saying that every good player never loses to a clearly unskilled one, Im merely saying that if you were TRULY 100% better than them, you would have adapted and crushed whatever “scrub” stuff you claimed to have lost to. Everyone has off games / rounds / days, etc. My main point was that you can’t claim to be better than someone if you let them get away with beating you with less skilled tactics

It IS an illusion, I’m sure there are some who play 2-3 hours a day, but VERY few play 5+.

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