Taking three request!

Well folks i’s gots some time on my hands and well im taking three request.First ones to post get teh spot!!

only rules…

PLZ…PLZ…PlZ…be specific and if you can provide the pics…oh and no human av’s still kinda iffy on those lol.





Just wondering of anybody can make me an avatar, the specs are:

  • Gouki starting animation of Kongou Kokuretsu Zan(where he holds up his hand, with the aura) at the left side
  • Gouki’s face pic(facing left) from sfz3 as the background
  • The word “KidHadou” at the bottom right corner, white, with black borders
  • Purple - blue explosion as the background
  • The background and Gouki’s face is scanlined


Hello. Fighters Generations animations dealys are gone so I couldnt find what I was looking for to show. I was hoping you would know where to find this.

I was hoping oyu could make a 100x100 animated av with Akuma.

I want one where he’s all black because he’s doing his stance thing. You know what I mean? When he gets all fiery and stuff. I want him doing that with a 10 symbol in the background.

I would like the backgroud to be similar to your Evil ryu avatar (which is cool by the way)where its red and dark looking, and I want the 10 symbol to be like that, but kinda black.

If what I describes clashes or looks wierd, you can change it however to a way you think looks good.

Thank you. :karate:

Hey man, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could make me an Ibuki avatar. I dont have any pics, sorry. I dont really have a preference for what it should look like, just make it an AWESOME Ibuki avatar. LOL. Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH! :bgrin: Colors preferrebly darkish ones…but thats all. And an awesome pic of her! LOL thanks!!! If you need to hit me up on AIM, my SN is: Knightvision UK.

Here’s the kongou kokuretsu zan’s anim…

alright ill get your all of your’s right now…

here you go kid…i couldnt put more of the bg akuma cuz well the sprite took up most of the space sorry if it wasnt what you wanted.

bleh came out wierd sorry firetrainer…

that kidhadou is sick…

Where is the Ibuki one??? 100x100 pixels…:sad:

Dude, Im sorry, but I forgot to tell you, I need one thats under 24.4 kb. I was bitched out for using the akuma one. Could oyu make me a Venom one thats not animated? Yoiu can make it however you think it looks cool. If you dont want to, I understand.


np man still want it as 100*100?

yes please!!

Thanks :karate:

Great! Thanx very much dude!!!


waits for the Ibuki avatar

didn’t someone already say they were going to do the avatar for you in your request thread?

I got 2 people doing one, Monkeyspank and this other dude. Big deal? Againts the “rules” to have 2 people making an avatar for you? I should sure as hell hope not.

actually yes it is…anyways on with the requests…

heres the venom one…