Taking Wii gameplay snapshots

and then mailing them!?

i got a wiimail from my friend and it was a picture from mario galaxy of mario running through the “portal” stage i think. and there was a pink luma in the backround, he was cleverly jizzing all over the screen thanks to the doodle feature on the photo channel (im assuming). there were also mii faces inserted into the photo. how do you do all this shit? modchip?

Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy let you send screenshots to friends. I don’t know about any other games.

but how do you do it?

its not really screenshots its more like accomplish something and then they download a picture to your wii. like when you beat mpc3 it adds a picture with your time difficulty and whatever you unlocked.

that’ll be perfect with TvC.

u can do it wit Smash Bros Brawl as well…pause and take a pic. ive got hundreds of em