Talent search submission

Hey all, this is my submission for the street fighter comics talent search. I’m pretty sure I didn’t win but I’d like to know what you guys think of it. Here’s page one…

And here’s page2…

And finally the icing on the cake, page 3 enjoy!

Looking good Zombie. I like the angles you chose. I hope to see more stuff in the future. And yes those were my rs pics in the comic forum shhh!

Ahha! I knew that stuff was yours, great work by the way.

What’s with everyone drawing Ryu shoryukenning Cammy? Is that the criteria for the talent search? Where can I read the whole details? I’m not entering… just curious…

well done.

excellent work this final pic Is awesome! SHORYUKEN!!..:smiley:


great pics man :cool: it would look nice with color

isnt the talent search thing only for toronto people?

anyways good luck!!

I wouldn’t be so quick to judge because you’ve got some skills man. I’d wait until they say who won. You might do a lot better than you think.


LOLZ!!! Cuz it’s fun shoryukenning Cammy!!!

the official site is: http://www.streetfightercomics.com/TalentSearch/

unfortunately we SEAsians don’t qualify :frowning:
but yeah, that’s why everybody is drawing our Ms.White as the unfortunate recipient of a DP.

…either that or it’s a major backlash against CammyFan.com & TalbainEric :slight_smile:

u have some talent. i think the way u draw faces is pretty horrid tho. and i see you borrowed some of the style from the official comic. the last pic is pretty awesome. i think u need to mature your bodys and fix the faces.

Hahahaha… I see. Well that sucks.:smiley: I mean, yeh I never planned to join, but I would still appreciate if I was given the opportunity to enter. Uh…

I agree that the faces could use some work… bottom right first page, bottom left second page (nose) are some of the noticable ones. I can’t even compare on scene drawings, but those are my suggests. :wink:

the faces don’t bother me all that much, actually… I think they’re highly stylized, but not all terrible.

Mostly good work, I like your choice of shots for the most part. Foreshortening on Cammy’s leg (p2, last panel) is a bit strange.

pretty good stuff! post more :slight_smile:

Hmnnnn…looking at the comments overall, yes as you probably know by now thats one of the things that takes a bit more time-especailly when drawing comics and different scenes of drama/Action etc, etc …, is to have that Consistentcy and Balance *overall * these guys like to see ones ability to show their strengths in all areas, and at different angles …man these days Comics are lookin more and more like masterpieces- with strict time resrictions, and putting the extra attention to fine details are worth it IMHO…the last pic is the Icing on the cake, You already have the skills, so just work on the other areas that may need to be attended to a bit-:slight_smile:



Man that work is fantastic!!!

I like how your style is very smilar to the udon way of drawing the characters. The Faces are great (IMO) with good emotion.

If your from Toronto and you didn’t win. I’d like to see who did!