Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Nakkouru died in SS2 because the games aren’t in storyline order.


Some Kyo Questions.

These have pretty much been answered…but I’ll take a shot.

  1. Kyo’s post 99 clothes are fireproff…at least the gloves, shirt, and jacket are.

  2. His skin…is I guess ‘fireproff’…as in it would be hard to hurt himself with his own flame IMO

  3. Yes, Kyo was born with his powers…it is in the bloodline. But of course he didn’t come out of the womb busting Orochinagi’s…his skill and strength had to be trained and developed.

  4. If members inside the respective clans could fight and hurt each other, then the pre-Orochi pact Yagami’s and Kusanagi’s could harm one another also.


I was just watching the FF2 Movie again. There are some interesting tidbits in it.

  1. When Terry grew up, he challenged a bunch of martial artists to prove himself. These look like the Kyokugen school. Going by the original timelines, isn’t it possible that Takuma’s or Ryo’s students beat Terry up? Terry and Ryo never met AFAIK, and still they’re portrayed as rivals in KoF.

  2. Some fat thug beats up drunk Terry and takes his money. This looks like Jack Turner, but going by the above Jack should be 14 years older now and not in any position to beat even Terry.

  3. I don’t feel like playing through FF2 right now, but it’s certainly possible that Axel Hawk has an apprentice.

  4. Is there any proof that Krauser ISN’T Geese’s half brother? They got Mai’s relation with Hanzo Shiranui right, and in the third movie they even named Kim’s sons, several years before they were actually playable. With that attention to detail, why would they just come up with their relationship just for the movie?

  5. There are, of course, several things that are purely unofficial. The “Hado Sempu Kyaku” is like the silliest move ever, but I guess they needed something before Power Geyser was invented. Krauser is quite redesigned, but that might be because Obari only wants bishonen in his movies. And of course the entire Mars Armor saga and it’s characters is completely whack, probably because they hadn’t finished the actual FF story for FF3 yet but needed another movie. But does that mean that EVERYTHING in the movies is unofficial?


KOF '94: 1st Dream Match?

I was thinking, KOF 98 and 2002 are Dream Matches, isn’t KOF 94 a dream match too in the spirit of Capcom vs. SNK?

Think about it:

In 1994, SNK’s two biggest lines were Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) and Ryuuko no Ken (Art of Fighting). In the game, the big rivalry fight seems to be Terry, Andy, and Joe vs. Ryo, Robert and Takuma with a <i>slight</i> emphasis on Kyo, Beni and Goro.

Also, a bunch of other characters from other SNK games like Athena and Ikari Warriors are present. In fact Kyo and Co. are the only original team present.

Also, another thought: Kim’s team. I think originally Kim was supposed to be with Cheng and Big Bear from Fatal Fury, but at the last second, Choi and Chang were created.


From what I do know regarding the second Fatal Fury Movie - Animerica Magazine interviewed Masami Ohbari years ago. Ohbari stated that the reason he redisigned Krauser was because he wanted him to look younger so he can represent the evil side of Terry Bogard. SNK allowed him to do so. Ohbari liked Krauser so much that he did not want to kill him at the end of the Fatal Fury 2 Anime, but SNK would not have it insisting that he must die. Then of course, SNK makes one of their most bone headed moves ever and sticks Krauser in a KOF game!!! I avoided that KOF game like the plague. Why insist that the Anime kills off a Villain if you’re only gonna use him again?!! I mean, I know the Anime’s not official but I still think it was dumb to have Krauser reappear in an official game.


I think we established that KOF94 was a dreammatch somewhere on this thread (or maybe it was the pre-crash thread).

About the FF animes: not to insult you guys or anything, but I wouldn’t bother reading into them too much. I haven’t seen the Krauser one, but there are so many discrepancies in the Geese and Gaudamos ones that they should be ignored.



I think it’s more safe to say that the evil blood in Rock is from his mom’s side. As far as I know, Geese did not have any mystical powers. He was all skill, nothing mystical. On the other hand, Kain seems to have mystical powers, which Rock may have as well. Just my thoughts though…

So quick to dismiss the mystical potential of Geese’s power? What happened to the Gekka no Kenshi connection we were working on years ago? :smiley:

Seriously though, remember that Rock Howard only has that special win pose when finishing the opponent with one of Geese’s supers, so I think it’s definitely the Howard bloodline that’s doing it to him (given the rigorous traditional framework of myth-making SNK uses I doubt they would have any power/birthright/etc. passed down from the mother in the first place).

Ei guys just wonderin’ does the ninja in Mai stage(FF: Special) have a name?

It’s an early Andy Bogard. Check out his pallete swap in Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory.

I’m curious about something. This isn’t story-related, but… what part did SNK take in the production of the PS-X RPG, Koudelka?

A group of programmers realized what a stupid, mis-prioritized company Square is. So rather than take the easy way out they left and formed their own programming group called Sacnoth. They were basically appropriated by SNK like Nazca, and all the other “second parties” that consisted of a small group of people in one office of the now defunct SNK’s Osaka building. They made Dive Alert on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, and then Koudelka, which was published by SNK. They also made the superb companion game Shadow Hearts, which was published by Aruze in Japan and by Midway in the US. Current status of Sacnoth is unknown. Given Aruze’s overall goals for all workers within SNK at the time Sacnoth in all likeliness no longer exists.

What’s the deal with Hon-Fu? I know that he’s Yamazaki’s personal whipping bitch, but after playing as him in RBFF2, I’m beginning to wonder how the hell can a policeman can actually be this incompetent. Not saying he sucks at fighting, but come on, he actually hits himself in the nuts while doing a move!

He’s based on Jackie Chan. Goofiness is mandatory to the character.

Are his clothes fireproof? I mean, they seem like it when he does a SDM Orochinagi, that engulfs his whole body. However, in another picture, they’re are burning off.

What most people here have said is correct. At first just the gauntlets were fireproof but now the whole outfit is.

Same thing for his skin? Is it fireproof? And if so, is exclusive to his flame?

Yes and no. Remember that the Kusanagi/etc. flames aren’t ki, it’s literally magic that the Kusanagi family is trained to use in conjunction with their martial arts fighting. I would go so far as to say that it doesn’t “burn” in the literal sense in that respect and that the weilder isn’t succeptable to truly catching on fire. From what I recall official explanation given the gauntlets were there more because that while it won’t set him on fire, it still FEELS HOT. Even if there’s no real danger to himself it would still hurt, and there’s also always the danger of things around him being set on fire. Such fires would be harmful and eventually lethal to him so when you’re a hotheaded person capable of conjuring flames at a whim I can understand the desire for fireproof clothing/gloves not to protect oneself directly but by protecting his immediate environs from his powers.

Was Kyo born with his powers? Or did they do the X-Men thing, and manifest during puberty?

He was born with the ability but had to be trained hard to be able to manifest it and weild it effectively.

Could Kusanagi and Yagami clans hurt each other with their flame powers before the Orochi-Yagami Pact?


initiate the FF3 tournament to give away the scrolls to the winner.

I was always under the impression that Fatal Fury 3 was not an actual tournament but simply the Lone Wolves and company searching for the scrolls (with characters like Franco Bash, Hon Fu, etc. having more personal reasons).

Some anime/game cross pollenation definitely occurred with the plots. In both Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture and Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory you have the heroes coming out not for a fighting tournament but to gather up something that would make the weilder it incredibley powerful. The first one in the roster to find out about it that isn’t a villain is Cheng Sinzan.

I think we established that KOF94 was a dreammatch somewhere on this thread (or maybe it was the pre-crash thread).

It was pre-crash. King of Fighters '94 is a dream match in structure though, not in plot. It was a merger of the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting systems of gameplay and rosters along with the Psycho Soldier and Ikari Warriors casts (with the Kusanagi group, Chang Koehan, and Choi Bounge being the only “new” characters).


4) Is there any proof that Krauser ISN’T Geese’s half brother? They got Mai’s relation with Hanzo Shiranui right, and in the third movie they even named Kim’s sons, several years before they were actually playable. With that attention to detail, why would they just come up with their relationship just for the movie?

Krauser and Geese are half brothers. This was established by SNK when FF Special came out.

*So quick to dismiss the mystical potential of Geese’s power? What happened to the Gekka no Kenshi connection we were working on years ago? *

Hey Rasa, haven’t seen u in a long time. Hows it been?
Anyways, I haven’t totally dismissed Geese’s mystical potential. But at the current moment, it seems like Rock is influenced by something on his mom’s side of the family. The main reason that I think Rock is getting something from his mom’s side is his flame/purple wings and the read eyes. Although I do believe Geese does have some kind of role coming up in MOTW, even though he’s dead so far.
But right now, I’m just waiting for SNK…Playmore to bring out MOTW2 so we have a little more to theorize on.


Been doing pretty well Saiki, good to be discussing with you again. :slight_smile: What you’re saying about what specifically he inherited from the Heinlein side of the family got me thinking. While the physical manifestations of his power are definitely from his mother’s side I think what’s really being referred to in the win pose/quotes is Geese’s wild ambition (pun intended ;p). I think this ties in with Kain’s mentality in almost every ending of the game, that as far as he’s concerned there’s no one left anymore that has the right combination of spiritual/emotional fire to allow them to really live out their dreams. Given how the stories are written I think it’s entirely possible that the SNK intended for this to be the legacy of Geese, the inner strength to never stop fighting for what you know in your mind and heart to be right. I think that’s the real reason Rock joins Kain at the end so readily, they identify with each other in that respect, he probably doesn’t respect Terry as much as he did before the tournament (not to say that he doesn’t respect him at all anymore) because of how protective Terry was getting of him. I think someone born of Geese Howard/Marie Heinlein and raised by the “Legendary Hungry Wolf” is probably going to be an obscenely powerful character in terms of sheer perserverance.

Rock in a way refuses to acknowledge this. I think he wanted the information about his mother more to quench his own self-doubt. He can be seen to be working under the assumption that there must be some “good” in every human and that if his father was so evil, surely there was something good and pure about his mother’s actions that would not leave him mentally “cursed” to end up like his father.


OMAH SHID! (Geyser)

It’s Neo Rasa! Where the hell have you been?


Rasa is everywhere. :evil:


OK, about the Jin story… it makes more sense that it wouldn’t be a tournament. But about the scrolls: the Jins had one, Krauser had one, Tung had one, and the Jins wanted to collect all three to become powerful, right? But Geese steals [how many? One? Three?] and he spends the rest of life trying to figure out how to make the scrolls work to his benefit, right? Then Terry kills him and one of the Jins destroys the scrolls, ending the plot.

I read somewhere that there is a third Jin brother in limbo and the other two were trying to revive him. I don’t know if that’s true or not.


But…who really is Rasa? :wink:


Lantis you dare seek the forbidden knowledge? :evil: :smiley:


Question concerning Yashiro…

He is possessed with the Orochi as well correct??? How did this occur?

Does he have any relations with Iori or Kyo?

What is his relation with Shermie and Chris??


Yamazaki has one of the scrolls, I think.

And Geese mastered the three scrolls… which he says were useless in RBFF


Does Rick Strowd and Vanessa have the same teacher?

and in terms of power; Are Jins powerful?

and could Kyo still do his firewave(KOF 94 & 95)?


Rasa: Heh, what the hell is up with that? Love Transcedence? :lol: Do you pretend to school me in the ways of the woman? :rolleyes: :smiley:

MuayThaiEmperor: Yashiro is NOT possessed by the Orochi himself (that one should be Chris), but he does have Orochi blood, and IS one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of Orochi, which ranks him up quite high in the Orochi hierachy ladder.

As far as I know, Yashiro has nothing to do with Kyo, and he totally HATES Iori because Iori trashed one of his concerts, and loathes Iori for stealing the spotlight from him. Their special intro in KOF '98 proves that statement.

Yashiro goes along well with Shermie and Chris as his best friends. It’s almost a given that Yashiro and Shermie may also have some sentimental feelings for each other.

kane_warhead: It’s not likely that Rick and Vanessa had the same teacher, maybe it was just a way for SNK to ‘unify’ styles since both Rick and Vanessa are boxers, and they don’t seem to make Rick appear anymore.

The Jins are definetly powerful. They have the blood of demons. They rank quite high, in fact, I think they are the most powerful of the whole FF legacy per say, but maybe Kain and Grant beat them (but still, we don’t lnow much about Grant and Kain’s ‘true’ power, yet the Jins are far more than ‘mere human’).

Fire wave? You mean Kyo’s projectile (Yami Barai) or his super (Orochi Nagi). It doesn’t really matter, because he had both of these moves in KOF '94/'95


What they need to do is make a CvS3 and put some Rage of the Dragon people into it.

Aside from what I read on the official website, does anyone know anything about that Alice chick in ROTD? She’s like Orochi Iori but 5 and a girl.


Yeah Yami Barai… could he still do that move?

Could the Jins take Iori or Kyo or even K’ one on one?