Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


I don’t think ROTD is even SNK… ROTD is by Evoga and published by Playmore.


Which is what SNK has morphed into lately. :smiley:

I think Alice had some possession problems and that Patrick priest dude is out to take out the evil from her.

Oh, and regarding the Yami Barai, yes, Kyo had that move in KOF '94 and '95 (QCF + P) instead of the firefists, and also in his alternate versions in KOF '97 and '98, as well as Kyo-1 in KOF '99.

I personally think the Jins CAN take Iori, Kyo, and K’ with no problem. They’re kinda like Bao in some way, with some mysterious power lurking within them (but how powerful the ‘Dragon Spirit’ Bao has is still yet to be seen).


SNK is Evoga now?

I know SNK is more of Playmore now.

It’s like saying ADK characters should appear in CvS3.

Can we like have alist of tiers for SNK?

I stopped loving SNK when they started bastardizing Terry Bogard.

Now I think they’re going for Terry = true King of Fighters since no one has beaten Terry before in a 1 on 1 match KOF tournament.

It has always been 3 on 3 in KOF.


From Fighter Mania:


She was the daughter of an aristocratic family in London and a promising gymnast. But one day her parents were found brutally murdered and Alice catatonic. She was treated in a psychiatric hospital but noone could cure her. Elias tried to heal her using his powers. Finally she was transferred to the US where her problems grew worse. One day she made a bloody escape. Elias followed her and finally managed to control the evil within her.


With everything in due consideration, let’s make a new SNK tier:


  1. Orochi

2) Kouryu
3) Rashoujin Mizuki

4) Kaede
5) Kagami Shinnosuke
6) Genbu no Okina
7) Naoe Shingen (just because they are 4 demi gods of sorts)
8) Asra
9) Shiki
10) Setsuna (they supposedly hail powers from the underworld and shit like that)
11) Kyo Kusanagi
12) Iori Yagami
13) K’
14) Kula Diamond
15) K9999 (all these with a derivate of clan powers)
16) Leona
17) Yuki

18) Goenitz
19) Yashiro Nanakase
20) Shermie
21) Chris (non-Orochi)
22) Zankuro Minazuki
23) Ryuji Yamazaki
24) Mature & Vice
25) Chizuru Kagura
26) Amakusa Shiro Tokisada
27) Igniz
28) Zero
29) Krizalid
30) Rugal Bernstein
31) Terry Bogard
32) Rock Howard
33) Geese Howard
34) Kain R. Heinlein
35) Haohmaru
36) Saisyu Kusanagi
37) Ryo Sakazaki
38) Grant

(the rest)

Shingo Yabuki
Chang & Choi
Lots of FF & AOF grunts

Dunno if some people rank higher and lower. The list is entirely up to debate at this point.


A Tier for all of SNK? That would hurt my head to even think about! I agree that Orochi’s on top, but don’t know to much about SNK and Lantis is the man on this subject.


Didn’t it take a ton of heros and ‘super heros’ to take Igniz down? Assuming it took Kyo AND Iori to take him (and Terry and everyone else there), I’d think that would make him jump above them in the tiers, but I haven’t seen the cinemas of 2k1 so I dunno.

Kain is definately higher than Grant, though, I know that for sure. When you beat Kain as Grant, Grant comments that Kain doesn’t lose to Grant very often, indicating that Kain usually beats Grant and thus Kain is more powerful overall.

Dunno about the rest. It’s hard to make confirmed SNK tiers that aren’t based on speculation due to lack of confirmed canon battles and circumstances around them. I’d rank Geese higher than Ryo though since Geese was generally kicking Ryo’s ass in Art of Fighting 2 (he didn’t even lose in the end, really, so much as just decide to leave). Course, I dont’ know how far Ryo’s advanced in power since Art of Fighting 2 but considering the time freeze nature of the AoF characters, I doubt he’s much more powerful now than he was during AoF2. Actually, I’d wager that Geese is more powerful than Terry, too. The only reason Terry beat Geese both times was because a window happened to be in the right area. Course, whether this means Geese is higher or just equal level is speculative nature on my part.


How’s this for a KOF tier chart?

Tier 0- Orochi
Tier 1/4- Goenitz
Tier 1/2- RoB Iori
Tier 3/4- Omega Rugal, Igniz
Tier 99%- Rugal

Tier 1- Kyo, Iori, K’, Geese, Krauser, Seisyu, Kula, Kain, Zero, Orochi NFT

Tier 2- Terry, Andy, Rock, Benimaru, Leona, Heidern, Chizuru, Yamazaki, New Face Team, Takuma, Heidern, Vice, Mature, Maxima, Roxy, Candy, Angel, K’9999, Grant, Zero

Tier 3- Ryo, Robert, Joe, Kim, Billy, Ralf, Clark, Whip, Daimon, Athena, Seth, Vanessa, Linn, Jhun, Krizalid, Chin

Tier 4- Bao

Tier 5- Shingo

Tier 6- Everyone else in KOF/MOTW

Tier 7- Everyone else in FF/AOF

Bottom tier- USA Sports Team, Hon Fu


Give Terry the benefit of the Doubt… Terry defeated both Geese and Krauser.

Ryo defeated Takuma. (Aof 2 is questionable since it jumped alot of years)

What about the Jins?

They’re pretty damn powerful if I say so myself.


The thing about making SNK Tiers to me is that it seems that in SNK - Even if someone is a God or 100X more powerful than you are, if he kidnapped your father or is trying to rule/destroy the world, good will always triumph over Evil. This Theory works in Samurai Showdown games, KOF, and Fatal Fury where Terry manages to defeat a more powerful Geese, window or no.

Capcom Games work very differently, and it’s still hard but easier to make Tiers. Capcom actually puts a lot of thought into who won what battles, even if they don’t tell us every single fight. In Street Fighter, it seems that winning isn’t everything, it’s what you’ve learned from the Fight and if you can make yourself a better person for it that counts. The world is never truly at the edge of destruction like in KOF, unless you count Shadowloo taking over the world, but that doesn’t seem as apocalyptic as Orochi or even NESTS to me.


Capcom all the way…

I hate SNK’s style of telling a story.

Why does it always need it’s heroes to be the strongest at their story?


Hey! No SNK bashing on an SNK Thread! Both them and Capcom have negatives and positives, IMHO.


call it criticism.



O.K. sorry.


While playing the Fatal Fury game… when I was beaten by Tung Fu Rue

He said " Jeff Bogard was the champion of King of Fighters tournament."

so did Jeff enetered any King of Fighters tournament?


Think of it this way. The reason they need its heroes to be the strongest is the same reason Street Fighter needs Ryu to be the best.


Ryu is far from the best in the Street Fighter storyline. M. Bison kicked his ass and he had to be bailed out by Sakura and Ken and Sagat in SFA3, Oro whomped him with literally one hand tied behind his back in Street Fighter 3, etc…


Has anyone ever thought about the possibility of Terry actually being a superior fighter when compared to Geese Howard?

The truth is that Terry continually beats him, so most most likely Terry is the superior duelist. Sure, Geese may posses an evil and dominating aura about him and this “Wild Ambition”(as Rasa stated), but this doesn’t necessarily place Geese on a higher hierarchy fighting wise than Terry, as well as it doesn’t necessarily place SNK under this “makes main character win for no apparent reason just because” category.

I was always under the impression that Terry was the superior fighter because of the fact that he shows a lot more enthusiasm toward fighting than Geese, as well as the fact that Terry seems to be more into his image(more into his self-actualization to be precise). Terry is simply doing his own thing, being the lone wolf, living out his life in honesty and trying to do nothing more than simply better him self(his self-actualization rather than a false image). So on the whole, Terry’s image, or shall I say persona, is more defined. Which in turn allows Terry to express himself more, actualize his potential clearer(hell everyone calls him the ‘lone wolf’ or the ‘hungry wolf’), express himself clearer, and define his technique over all better than Geese could on the whole.

I’d have to say that Terry was(or is) simply a more developed character than Geese, which proves(partly) that he should be the superior fighter.

…All of this while Geese was blinded by ambition(which was his drive as much as it was his downfall), and the desire for strife and contention.

I’m sure, though, that Terry and Geese were(are) about equal as far as sheer will power and persaverance goes. ‘About’, as this category is a little one sided in Geese’s favor…

The whole “wild ambition” and the likes of Geese’s will being implanted in Rock almost makes me want to scracth the above sentence though…

So basically the Kusanagi flames are a type of ethereal.


What exactly makes Kaede so superior? I’ve played Last Blade about twice and my knowledge of it’s characters are basically non-existent.


Hey wait a minute!

Isn’t Rock more powerful than Terry? Rock did beat Terry in Mark of the Wolves.

Evidence points toward that Terry won the King of Fighters at 2008.

and How come Kyo and Iori are ranked so high? Just because they won KOF doesn’t mean they are that good.

Kyo and Iori are destined to beat Orochi because only their powers are able to hurt him. But I’m pretty sure Terry, Ryo, Andy, Robert could beat Kyo, Iori, K’.

(Please Tell me you based this in HK comics)

For me the tiers are(only KOF, FF, AOF) Not in any order:

Tier 1:

Tier 2:
Terry Bogard
Ryo Sakazaki
Takuma Sakazaki
Andy Bogard
Robert Garcia
Kyo Kusanagi
Iori Yagami
Wolfgang Krauser
Geese Howard
Rugal Bernstein
Rock Howard
Kain R. Heinlein

Tier 3:
The rest


Kaede, Shinnosuke Kagami, Genbu no Okina, and Shigen Naoe are all avatars of the Four Gods that protect Hell’s Gate. Kaede is naturally the strongest of the four, because he beat Kagami at the height of his power(boss of Last Blade 1), who > Shigen and Okina.

If you want to get technical, all four characters should be at about even at their base strength. But Kaede is the youngest of the 4, having awakened to his true abilities only recently and possessing more raw power tempered by inexperience, and he happens to be The Last Blade series’ protagonist(which likely is the part about him that counts the most).