Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


I don’t think Rock won the Mark of the Wolves Tournament… His ending is the only one where Kain’s mansion isn’t destroyed… and many endings rely on that destruction so they can happen… so I think his ending is a “what if” ending and Terry’s is the true one.


what’s the name of Hibiki’s sword style?


Hibiki’s sword style is called Musou Maden Ryuu.


hey lantis thanks.


by the way , what type of sword is Hibiki’s?


Thought it was Iai.

Is that a real/ficticious subcategory of Iai? (like battoujutsu)


Oh, sorry, the complete name is Musou Maden Ryuu Iaido. So yes, it is a variation of ‘Iai’. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the name of Hibiki’s weapon is simple a ‘Drying Pole’. :slight_smile:


okay, thanks :slight_smile:


Ugh, I need reclarification of this because I forgot where I heard it from.

Is the old guy that Igniz killed in KOF 2k1 named “NESTS” or “Nests”?


I think he was just the CEO, and that no one asked for his name.


Master NESTS


Ah, so this is the SNK Storyline thread I’ve been hearing about at HerV. Well, I know Lantis is holding things down here, but I’ll put in some corrections (If they’re needed) and added info.

Heh heh, fun time.

Edit: I really cant add much, if anything at all as everything is already anwsered… :confused:


finally uploaded the Samurai Showdown story faq. Here’s the link
I’ve covered everything including Samurai Showdown Zero. The only game I didnt cover was Warriors Rage.

Anyways, here’s the link



I have to say one thing about earthquake, he’s so fat he blocks out the sun.


Saiki, you may want to check out my SS: Warriors’ Rage ending FAQ to cover your info.


NOTE: The direct links to FAQs at GameFAQs don’t work, so I guess you have to make your way to the FAQ yourself.


Actually, All About SNK fighting games covers all the endings for Warriors Rage as well. I just didnt really include the characters from Warriors Rage cuz well…I didnt like that game too much.

thx anyways tho


Hey look my first post in this thread.

Anyways Im excited about the new Samurai Spirits/Showdown Zero/V, and I was very happy to see Saiki do a SS Plot Guide, cause I was really wondering about the storyline for that game.

Like I said before Im excited about SSZ, and SS in general, and have been doing some related artwork and writting, but with my own twist (much like I did with Street Fighter Neo)

Anyways, I need to know somethings, or have some questions answered.

  1. Why SS Zero? Why make a prequel, and include a majority of the characters for only gameplay purposes?

It seems to me it would’ve been easier to SS5 (which is the name of the game in the US I believe) cause that way everyone could have a (sensable) storyline and what not right?

  1. Ambrosia (sp?) or whatever, what/who is it? Is it a person a thing, can it take on a physical form? And what if it was unleashed upon the world? What would be the results?

  2. Anyone know why SS64 1&2 were only released on arcades? Or why Warriors Rage 2 was made with 32bits on the PSX, while the two games before it used a much more inpressive 64 bits?

  3. Do any of the SS chars have any mystical weapons, ie weapons that can “do” things?

  4. I read in Saiki’s Plot Guide that Charlotte is in love with Haohmaru, but thats it. All the other character’s and their loves or love intrest all seem to have a complete or finished story, but I dont know if Charlotte and Haohmaru even have a story of if Haohmaru even likes Charlotte or what (I need to know about the relationships between characters when writting, and this seems to be the only one that lacks details)

  5. What the Tangil stone? Whats its purpose?

  6. Tam Tam became a monkey at one point, is he still a monkey?

  7. Whats the deal with characters like Amakusa Shiro, Asura, Yuga, Zankuro, etc? How are they able to keep coming back to life, do they have to possess people in order to live, etc?

  8. Was there a reason for such a big time jump (9 years) between SS64-2 and Warriors Rage? Or was their a reason for a lack of returning characters?

  9. Has it ever been said how Shiki and Asura died? Or why they did not keep their baby?

Okay, thats it, sorry for all the questions, but they’re just somethings Id like to know the answers to.

Also sory if any of this has been talked about, I didnt wanna go back nd read through all the pages, but I will go back now and try to read them.

  1. There are only two years between SS4 and Samurai Tamashii, and they couldn’t make a remake of that game since that would be quite boring. Besides, most characters have some kind of reason to be in SS0 anyway.

  2. AFAIK, it’s a demon. If it were unleashed upon the world, bad things would happen.

  3. Because SNK had made new fancy hardware which couldn’t be converted easily to home formats. However, the NG64 was a flop so they had to make a home exclusive game. The PSX was the only reasonable option in Japan at that time.

  4. They can kill people ^_^.
    Well, Amakusa’s weapon is one of the sacred stones, but it doesn’t come with any special features as such. Kazuki and Sogetsu have Enja and Suija sealed into their weapons which give them increased elemental powers. As for the rest, I’m pretty certain they’re just well-made weapons.

  5. Haohmaru has a girlfriend, but just like the original Musashi he doesn’t really care much about her - he’s in love with his sword. So Charlotte is, at best, number three in the race for Haoh’s heart.

  6. It’s a holy artifact, and I guess it’s a key to the demon world somehow. I think Saiki can give a more detailed explanation.

  7. He turns back in the SS2 ending - I guess since Mizuki was defeated the the stones probably returned, he became human again.

  8. They are all brought back to life by demons. Demons do such things. Usually for a price though.

  9. Probably to get on the SF3/Tekken 3/Toshinden 4 bandwagon of reinventing the entire cast.

  10. Shiki and Asra are cursed by their very existence. I’m pretty certain that’s not a good family to raise a child in.

  1. Because they foolishly killed off Nakaruru in Samurai Showdown 2, they have to have SS3 and SS4 take place before SS2 to keep her around. SS Zero is just another way of keeping Nakaruru around. Personally, Fairy Nakaruru creeps me out!

  2. The Faq does say Genjuro’s in love with Shiki. SNK’s in the habit of making these unrequited love matches never work out. Haohmaru doesn’t get with Charlotte, Galford doesn’t get with Nakaruru, Terry doesn’t get with Blue Mary, and I can almost bet that if Andy and Mai are in Mark of the Wolves 2 they will not be together. This is the main reason why I don’t want the next Street Fighter to jump to the Future like Fatal Fury and Sam Sho. Granted, there are no unrequited love matches except for Balrog(ninja) and Cammy, but these future games are just depressing.

Saiki - Great Faq! Slight correction, below the Master Character Listings heading in the first paragraph the word “Vampire” appears instead of Samurai Showdown/Spirits. Almost finished reading the Faq. Good job!


Siegfried & Sano - Thnx for the info.

Im trying to write or design something that happend between Warriors Rage 1&2 (its a 9 year gap, got alot to work with)

Although Nakkaruru’s death or being dead concerns me (specialy if I wanna have all the popular characters in my story) but she did come back in as a little girl right? (guessing this is what creeped out Sano) So I guess that means its still possible for her to come back (again, in anyway, shape, or form)

Altough now that I thinkn about it, isnt Ukyo one the most famous/popular ss chars dead?

When reading through Saiki’s FAQ, I noticed that the bad guys were always trying to releash Ambrosia, but never did, and hat got me wondering about what would happen if Ambrosia was released (possible plot for my story)

Well, whatever Imdoing, Im doing it as a game, ie Im designing a game and story (like I did with Street Fighter Neo) and I got alotta crazy SS related ideas swarming around in my head right now (gotta sort em all out)