Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Nako died but she’s a spirit of nature now so she can take a human form whenever she wants to.
Oh, and it’s a 19 year gap between Samurai Tamashii Asura Zanmaden(SS64 2) and Warriors Rage. not 9.

And I think the reason why Playmore decided to go with a prequel is bcuz of certain characters that are unavailable after SS64 2. Ukyo is dead. Rimururu is sealed off. Kazuki has gone missing. Nakoruru has gone into a deep sleep. Shiki has gone missing. Asura has gone missing.
The top three most popular characters are either missing or sealed off.

And about Ambrosia. Rugal(from the mmcafe boards) and I were talking but their is a very good chance that Yuga is Ambrosia. The huge eye symbol in Mizuki’s bg is the exact same symbol that Yuga uses.


I’ve updated the faq so it includes most of the ending info for SS0. Now I just have to wait for gamefaqs to update it


Was Kim killed by Freeman?


No, Kaphwan wasn’t killed by Freeman. I have no clue where that came from.
Oh, and b4 someone asks, Yamazaki wasn’t one who attacked Marco’s dojo. They never said who it was


Ah, okay. Thanks, Saiki! Yea, some friends were talking about it because there are things like Kim’s sons saying their father has been avenged after beating Freeman and other stuff like that, but people didn’t know if Freeman killed him or not (him falling down on Dong’s victory pose was unknown if that was actually him or Dong’s imagination of his father coming from the heavens or whatnot)


Hey I was wondering…

If Takuma did deflect the Laser… where did it go? I’m pretty sure the 2nd laser would still hit something…


In Metro City. :lol:

I think that the beam lost power when it was deflected by Takuma or cancelled all together, but it sure as heck didn’t hit anything.


Anyway, if Southtown being destroyed is an evidence of the laser’s power, I don’t think that the beam will dissipitate(?disappear?) in time. and if Takuma didn’t deflect it and he just blast the thing with a powerful Haohshokoken, I’m pretty sure that there will be a huge blast because 2 powerful forces colliding with each other will create a huge impact.


Hey, I wanted to know something real quick.

I was playing Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, and was wondering if it was canon or not, and/or when does it take place.

Also why does Ryo (as Mr.Karate) look so diffrient (nobody elses appearence changed, but his did)


That’s because Wild Ambition follows the old FF/AoF storyline(so, Ryo is forty years old), not the new kof one.

It’s supposed to be remake of the first Fatal Fury… I don’t know if it’s canon.


Hi there guys… How are you doing!! It’s been a long time since I last posted here, so what’s up Lantis, Kane, TiamatRoar!!? Been a long time guys, I doupt if ya remember me till now :smiley: anyway I have some questions related to Samurai Shodown games!!? maybe it was answered before but to be honest I am pretty lazy so can’t search for the answer in the previous pages ^^ anyway here is the question!?

My question is what is the relation between Ashura Bust and Ashura Slash!! They look a little different!! Are they somehow a twin brother or clone or just the same character but with a differenct costume!! And from what I see, I think Yuda (From SS: Warriors Rage 2) he looks like Ashura Bust mode!! So why!! If they are differenct characters!! DO both of them died! If yeah then I would like to know how! Are they human or somehow a creature from Underworld or something else! because I don’t think they are human especially with those angelic wings… Anyway if you didn’t understand my question, just check the attachment to know about who I am talking now… See ya


I’ve updated my Shamurai shodown plot guide at gamefaqs. I’ve included the profiles for the bosses in SS0 and started the in-game translations for SS0 as well. Another update will come soon with hopefully all the in-game translations done for SS0



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Damn, almost two years since that crash, and only 17 pages? Fuck. It’s an honor reviving it, then, with more questions.

  • Now, in light of Tizoc joining the Garou team for KOF 2003, has he ever had any connection to the Bogards in MOTW? What’s the deal? Did Joe become sick, and it made Terry recruit Tizoc because he was impressed by his strength, or what?

  • What information has been released so far on Ash Crimson and his team mates (aside from the obvious fact that their apparent source for flames is dragon power)?

  • And did they ever explain why K’s team is still participating in ‘03? Last I checked, K’ hated the KOF tournaments, so I guessed he would not want more involvement now that NESTS had collapsed.

Thank you for your time.


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What do you think of this guys? Can someone translate?



Kyo - So this is the seal. The last words he spoke, is this what we were supposed to look forward to…?

Chizuru - The seal…seems to be protected…

Kyo - !! Hey Kagura, happenned with those wounds.

Chizuru - In the previous battle, the wounds that Maki recieved also reflected upon me as well. Don’t worry. In the previous battle, we as the three sacred weapons sealed Orochi’s soul. This is the vessel.

Kyo - Huh, that Orochi.

Chizuru - I have been protecting that seal. But someone tried to use me to break the seal. They were waiting for me to fall, and my bloodline to break so the seal would eventually be broken…but I still have some power left…this power…!

Ash - No no, your powers aren’t just yours now. And you still have a very important role to play. Fufufu, to become part of my powers. Now then, where…is it…

Chizuru - Ah…ah

Ash - Oh, this this~. And now my role has been fulfilled. Alley oop.

Kyo - You!! What did you do!!

Ash - I can’t really answer what. All I can say is she helped me out. Now who should I have help me this time…I know. Yagami Iori, its your turn! You seem very interesting inside so I don’t think I’ll get bored.

Iori - Hmph! Not to the likes of you…I’ll tear you up instead along with your ideas.

Ash - Ahahaha, that sounds fun too…but I think I’ll just be leaving now. Bon Voyage…fufufu…ahahahahaha

Kyo - Dammit! What is he…Ash Crimson, Orochi, Mukai…it looks like I won’t be bored, but…the blood of Kusanagi is boiling. They’ve takne this past being a KOF ceremony…Now I’m getting pissed off!


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