Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Heh heh, well, I was between Gemini Saga and Aquarius Camus (since Aquarius is my Zodiac sign and Camus is a pretty cool dude overall), but Saga and his badass attitude won me over. Galactic Explosion > yuo. :smiley:

Ehh, problem is, you can’t link directly to FAQs at GameFAQs anymore, you have to go to the site and search for it from there. It is kinda lame, though… :bluu:


n_n glad to hear that…

That’s cool as for my Zodiac sign is Gemini so that’s why I like Saga & Kanon!! Well never thought you know Saint Seiya :cool: Anyway don’t tell me you still didn’t see Saint Seiya Hades OVA ^^ if yeah then tell me what you think about the anime, damn its my favorite anime, only 9 days left to see the new Saint Seiya Movie :wink: (Saint Seiya Tenkai-Hen Overture)

Anyway back to topic!! Couldn’t get any new informations about Asra and his twin!! Excuse me Lantis-San I know I already asked this before but who is Setsuna really!? I once heard he was a demon or evil soul in a human body, I also heard he is messenger of Hades or something like that!!! So what is this guy!!? Where he came from! Do he fight for Hades! What’s his goal!! Any information about this guy please! Thanks :wink:


Setsuna is the embodiment of dead souls that come from the Netherworld (kinda like Ermac from UMK 3) after the Gate to Hades was opened by Kagami Shinnosuke. These group of souls took possession of the body of a dead baby slain in war. The baby grew up to be a young man in no time, and hence we haev Setsuna, who is basically filled with pure evil and who only desires to slaughter anything in his path just for the heck of it.



did Terry meet Kain way before Garou: Mark of the Wolves?


You mean he is the one who send the dead soul back to Hades!! Sorry maybe I didnt understand well because my English sucks… I mean can we say he was sent by Hades himself or any other high ranking in Hades!! Or you mean Setsuna is one of the dead soul who escaped from Hades after the gate was opened!!?

One more question, as I know Asura is one of the 7 kings!! Is Asura also from Underworld, Netherworld (Hades) also if was from there is he one of the leaders there or the king of netherworld himself!!?

I heard Yuda was the fuse of Asura and Hanmen No Asura but in some other faqs I read he was summoned by Asura! Can you please explain this, sorry for bothering and thanks…


Just have a totally unrelated and random question regarding RB: Dominated Mind - Does Alfred have a last name?

I’ve heard of ‘Airhawk’ but wasn’t sure if there was anything canon-wise backing that up.


No, he doesn’t.


For people asking about Kusanagi flames, I can answer a couple questions.

-Yeah, Kyo (and all Kusanagis) are born with the flames. Several people have said that by now.

-The reason Kyo and Iori’s “flames” actually send people flying is because in addition to being a form of ethereal fire, the flames explode violently on contact; they don’t show this exploding animation in KOF 98 and up, only in the old school ones, so a lot of people assume it’s just spirit killing fire. Thus, if Kyo were to hit anyone, not just Orochi with a Mu Shiki, it still= OUCH.

-Yes, Kyo’s flames hurt at one time, but with control, he can use it without draining him, so no pain. That was the original reason SDM Orochinagi made Kyo shake, if memory serves correctly (now it’s just SNK not redoing the sprite :smiley: ). Iori’s however, always hurt to use, and he’s supposed to eventually die from exposure to these “poisoned” flames. I think this won’t happen though, seeing as KOF is practically in the Garou timeline at this point.

-Kyo would most likely beat Terry, Geese or Ryo one-on-one, because his flames have “divine” power within them. So, in addition to killing gods, they probably pack one HELL of a punch (seeing as it’s godlike power and all).

Just to reiterate some of the points already made; although like any of these posts, these “facts” can be debated.

Anyways, on to my question. Kyo’s buddies with Terry, Beni and Goro, and he’s cool with Ryo, but what’s the deal exactly with him and Athena? I know she liked him at one time (and still does) and she’s friends with Yuki (Kyo’s girl), but according to several Kyo canon FAQs I read, she’s actually his closest confidant. :eek: That came as quite a surprise…since it doesn’t seem like it to me. Whenever someone else make a comic or whatnot, they’re always pretty friendly (she hugs him in the KOF 97 comic, if I’m not mistaken :confused: ), and that supports the theory somewhat (not fully, as the comics are not canon) yet there’s no connection with Kyo to anyone other than Iori in the actual games (no intros or whatnot). Can SNK make up their damn minds as to whether these two are friends, or not? :bluu:

Just asking, seeing as I like Athena, and I like Kyo (I use both of them every year) so them being cool with one another would be sweet.


Question, dunno if it was ever answered.

Last Blade Yuki = reincarnated Kyo’s girlfriend? And what’s her method of fighting in Gals’ Fighters? Schoolgirl Free Style?


Setsuna is not just A dead soul, but more like a bunch of 'em gathered in one body. And from what I can recall, they are composed of wayward souls, not anyone worth mentioning. Setsuna is driven only by killing everything he has in sight. He despises life.

About Yuda: That was Yuda’s subconscious talking to him. In SS: WR, Yuda is Asra w/brainwashing. He does not recall who he is, until a mysterious voice echoes within him (the real Asra). He was just assignated to Riten Kyo to “wipe out” everyone in sight (assigned by Yuga, who wanted to possess Mikoto, Asra’s daughter). Eventually, Yuda remembers who he is, but still decides to call himself “Yuda”, as a way to part with his old self.

About Terry and Kain: Nope, they never met before Garou, as far as I can see it.

About Yuki: Nah, the two Yukis have nothing to do with each other, AFAIK. They don’t describe her fighting style in Gals Fighters, so yeah, just assume she has some misc. schoolgirl random style.


Well,you sure are sly as a ninja,eh Lantis?I just missed you by a halfhour.Oh well.Anyway,I’m such a great follower of your work,especially your astonishing KOF canon FAQ.Now,I hope that,whenever you’ll come back in this thread,you can grant my one simple request to you:
When will your KOF canon FAQ be updated?It’s been over two years since your last update,and it’s justifiable,because of the fact that,until very recently,this legendary franchise was as good as dead;but,just like its’ creators,it has resurrected and now,it has become more harder,better and stronger than ever before(THANK GOD);and hopefully,it will confirm itself this year.So I hope that,if you still have the time and energy,you can continue this one link we all have with this once-in-a-lifetime legacy.
Thank you in advance and keep up the tremendous work.
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Hopefully, I’ll update it next month. Senior year school work has kept me from actually doing anything with the archive, and God willing, I may be able to start working on it soon. :bluu:


Thank you very much Lantis for responding to my request,and thus giving me the good news that,just like this immortal franchise,this great story link will continue to live on.Well,for now,there’s the E3 show(which coincidentally celebrates its’ 10th anniversary,just like The King Of Fighters)to look forward,and we shall see what SNK NeoGeo USA have in store for us all,especially concerning KOF.I can’t thank you enough,so for now,good luck and I’ll hopefully hear from you again soon.
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Was too lazy to look through the other pages so if my questions have been answered sorry.

Any word on who Adelheids (Rugals son) mother is.

Does Mukai the final boss from 2K3 have anything to do with the orochis.

Is the orochi story being returned to KOF.

In 2K2 they show Rock run out as kid with Terry when he wins so does this mean Garou happens years ahead of 2K2 even though its a dream match.

Does anyone know tier listings of SNK final bosses storyline wise.


As of yet, no. Probably wouldn’t make a difference anyhow, either.


Most certainly, yes. He mentions the Orochi several times, and his plot for resurrection. It also seems Mukai was just a small part of something much bigger, as it is shown in the ending where another 7 guys appear in the background. There is also this issue about the sexy broad who puts Chizuru away.


As far as I know, yes, it apparently seems that way (they already broke the Orochi seal).


Actually, that victory pose is also present in KOF 2001, which is canon, so that definetly means Garou is SUPPOSEDLY still ahead (and moreso with the appearances of Tizoc and Gato in the KOF timeline), even though the timelines seem to be fucked up with Geese’s return in the KOF 2003 story.


Something like this:

  1. Orochi
  2. Mukai
  3. Goenitz
  4. Igniz
  5. Omega Rugal
  6. Rugal
  7. Clone Zero
  8. Krizalid


Are you fucking serious? I mean I know Orochi is probably the most strongest but c’mon I thought O.Rugal was just as powerful as Goenitz the only problem was he didn’t know how to control his power like Goenitz did. Well at least regular Rugal is more powerful than Zero but honestly I think Rugal is the most kickass boss KOF has ever had and he’s probably the most popular fan based I mean he’s been in 4 of the of the 11 KOFs and he’s the only boss ever to return everyone else is gone so im guessing he’s probably due for a return sometime in the future.


Yeah, actually, even though it’s Rugal enhanced with Orochi power and all that, everyone above him just falls into “divine tier” (demi-gods), whereas Rugal is still just a simple mortal once it comes down to it, and yeah, his inability to control the Orochi power makes him quite frail ESPECIALLY against members of the Orochi bloodline who DO know how to wield it.

And now that we have Adel and Rose on the scene (Rugal’s sons), I guess the need for Rugal is going to dwindle slowly.


Since I’ve been asked for scans on the Warrior’s Fate Thread of the KOF 2003 Arcadia Mook, I’m posting everything in the book here to figure out what’s needed, since this Thread needs a bump badly…


First the book has one page Comic Book Style Pages WRITTEN IN ENGLISH!!!

COMIC PAGE 1 - MIDNIGHT VISITORS - Private Story featuring Ash Crimson

COMIC PAGE 2 - ASSASIN NIGHT - Private Story Featuring Duo Lon

COMIC PAGE 3 - FIGHTING GOD - Private Story Featuring Shen Woo

COMIC PAGE 4 - MILK! MILK! MILK! - Private Story featuring Malin

Next page tells the game’s story, it’s about half a page’s worth. Table of Contents is on the same page.

TERM DESCRIPTION, BASIC KNOWLEDGE, GAME SYSTEM, THEORY OF 2003 - All Articles dedicated towards Gaming Strategy.

Next all Characters are presented with Bios amd brief back stories and Move Lists. Some of these pages are interupted with other things, so I’ll place the interuptions in parenthesis.


Ash Crimson
Duo Lon
Shen Woo


Terry Bogard
Joe Higashi
The Griffon


Ryo Sakazaki
Robert Garcia
Yuri Sakazaki


Chang Koehan
Jhun Hoon


Leona Heidern
Ralf Jones
Clark Still - Clark Steel in the US, correct?
(After this, there’s a section on character voices, winning messages, intros and such.)


Billy Kane
Ryuji Yamazaki
(A page on Background stages)


Mai shiranui
Blue Mary
(A page on Boss Stages)


Benimaru Nikaido
Shingo Yabuki
Goro Daimon


Athena Asamiya - WHAT? Athena’s been in High School for ten years! Athena I love you girl but DAMN. READ A BOOK DUMB ASS!
(A page on Falcoon. YES!!!)
Hinako Shijo




Kyo Kusanagi
Iori Yagami
(More character voices and winning quotes. A drawing of the High School team. Athena is still not reading in this drawing…:rolleyes: )


Chizuru Kagura - While she is the other member of the Sacred Treasures team, she’s listed seperatly in the Extra Characters Section.

Kusanagi - Evil Kyo

Maki Kagura

Rose - not playable I don’t think, but she has a Bio and brief story.



That’s it for characters. And the rest of the Mook -

Demo and Team Ending - All of the Endings.

DVD Commentary - This Mook comes with a DVD. Since it’s a regional Disc, I can’t watch it at home and only if people request, I can watch it at my brother’s house but I kind of don’t want to because it’s most likely about Game Strategy and I don’t know Japanese. Anyway, this page called ‘DVD Commentary’ talks about the DVD.

More Game Strategies.

Team Stories for every team. About a page long for eacch.

Graphic Arts - Pre Scanned Artwork of some characters, mostly the new guys and some of the newer outfits like Benimaru’s and Athena’s. One drawing has Athena buckling down and studying. Okay I’m lying, but it’s really late in NYC right now so I’m starting to loose it… ATHENA RULES!



Hey Lantis,how is the plot guide update progressing?
Now your update will benefit immensely if you can ask Sano to scan you the story parts of the Arcadia mook depicting The King Of Fighters 2k3.I hope things are going along fine.Looking ahead for the update.See you later.


Lantis - Yeah, tell me what you need and I’ll hook you up.