Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Hey Lantis,where are you man?It’s been the last couple of months since you didn’t show up in this thread,and I don’t know what’s the status on your KOF plot guide FAQ update.Even my good friend Sano has kindly offered to help you out on the guide thanks to the KOF 2k3 Arcadia mook that he has,so the question is when will you show up here again?Now that SNK Playmore is now preparing for the celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of The King Of Fighters,which will be unveiled at the end of next month at the Tokyo Game Show,I wonder what are your current plans.Looking forward for your comeback.Catch you later.
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Hey, snkneoshingo2k4 - My Brother with the Scanner is on Vacation this week, so I’m gonna try to send you the Shingo Scans when he comes back. Later - sano.


KOF Fan Art from Arcadia. Enjoy!


god dam it why was i not informed about this thread! hmm anyway whats this i hear about geese in kof03?
i never understood what snk were doing with him one mintue his dead then his alive and so on, im guessing his back now?
Yea does any1 have any details on those shady charcters in the ending? sano is it that mook? are they the new orochi bloodline or something?
i remember it showing a picture of chris FOD and the other 2 so thats why i figure those others must be a new group of the same sort.
hopefully this saga will be as good as the 1st one.



Didn’t I already answer what’s up with Geese to you in the SF Comics forum? He’s alive in KOF and he’s dead everywhere else. KOF is in it’s own continuity.

I can’t read the Mook so I dunno…

And the rest of your questions should be fielded by SNK experts, storyline experts. AKA people who have loooong abandoned this thread… Try sending Lantis a Private Message.


yea you did answer that sorry, what i meant is what exactly is he up to this time in kof universe storywise.
Anyway its all good, yea i guess i site for SF wouldnt get much love for SNK hence this thread faded away. :sad:
yea ill try hittin up lantis with a PM if his still around.
Anyhow thanks for your help. :tup:


you know, Gesse was supposed to die in RB:FF right? But as I remember, in Kim’s ending, we see him meeting Chang and Chen for the first time (or at least before/during KOF 95/95 as they are in their prisoner outfit)… And gesse returned in KOF 96 with his own “boss” team, hence chronologically, Gesse isn’t dead at all as KOF 96 overrides RB:FF… and Garou is yet to occur so we can suppose that Gesse’s death is still a long way ahead…


Read the seventh and eighth posts on this page that I wrote.



Hey guys! I’m still working on my KOF story FAQ rewriting as I speak…to type the whole damn thing again is CRAZY! :wow: Work isn’t letting me advance as much as I wanted to, but I’m hanging out.

Hey Saiki, are ya still around here? I need you to tell me if RB 2 really IS canon or not…I just can’t see it as canon, but who knows…

Grrrr…and I just found out someone just completely dissed my FAQ! :mad: Those duds at SvC.com sure do know how to enfuriate me. :tdown:


Saiki hasn’t been spotted around here in a long time. The last time I saw him was over at Gamefaqs talking about the NGBC Beta test over at the NGBC Boards. Maybe you can try there?

Anyway, glad to know you’re working on updating the Faq again. :smile:


Hey thanks for enlightening me on the subject sano-san… Arigato godaimas…

Oh and BTW… Gr8 work with the Faq Lantis…


I allways viewed The Fatal Fury story line like this.
FF1-> FF2-> RB2-> FF3-> RB.
Garou ties in crap from KoF so it does not work in the Fatal Fury timeline.


so is the SNK storyline SS-> LB->AoF->FF->GAROU with KOF throwing everything off continuity since geese is alive and the characters dont age to an extent. or do Samurai Showdown and last Blade occur at the same time


Samurai Spirits takes place first when the age of the samurai is in full swing. Last Blade takes place in the 1800s towards the end of the age of the samurai.


another question if b jenet is in kof XI should we expect rock, marco( i refuse to call him butt), kevin, kain, freeman to be in the next one. KoF is really screwing up the storyline. Damn it SNKPlaymore just make another fatal fury linking garou to the rest of the series. Since Samurai spirits is the last Samurai showdown game.


Well, everyone wants Mark of the Wolves 2, hopefully they’ll deliver some day, or even a new AOF would be cool(though I don’t think too many people would want this). After KOF XI they are supposed to take a 2 year 2D KOF break, (but supposed to doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it) so chances are there will be another KOF MI and maybe that will free them up to give us a 2D fighter that’s not KOF, Samsho or a crossover game, but who knows. For me it almost seems like the expectations for MOTW 2 are too high at this point for them to actually make the game, but we’ll see.

But yeah, I expect more MOTW characters to show up in future KOFs. And I really like the new teams in KOF XI, the teams should of been shaken up this much years ago IMHO. Kyo, Iori and Shingo team, too good!


I stumbled upon this forum almost by accident when I was trying to look for a copy of RB: Dominated Minds game (so I can use the little info I can get from it to use in my version of the FF/AoF/KoF storyline). So, I was trying to sort stuff and determine what is canon or not. I dished through a bunch of info and still feel a bit empty handed. But enough about me

As far as Im concerned I want to say these titles are canon within the KoF continuity:

1982 Art of Fighting 2 (w/o Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Ryuhaku, and King)

1992 Art of Fighting
Fatal Fury - King of Fighters '92 (Ended August 13)

1993 Fatal Fury 2 - King of Fighters '93 (Ended May 15)

1994 King of Fighters '94

1995 King of Fighters '95
Fatal Fury 3

1996 Art of Fighting 3
King of Fighters '96

1997 King of Fighters: Kyo
King of Fighters '97

1998 Real Bout: Fatal Fury (RB1-2; Special; & Dominated Minds)
King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood

1999 King of Fighters '99

2000 King of Fighters '00

2001 King of Fighters '01

2002 King of Fighters EX2: Blood Howling
*King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 1 & 2; Another Day OVA (if at all canon)

2003 King of Fighters '03

200X King of Fighters XI

2008 Garou: Mark of the Wolf

My thoughts on how and why Geese is alive are these:

  • RB: Supposedly he did use the scroll of Jin (which is suppose to be a scroll of immortality, right) but maybe it only granted him a one-time only deal or something; or it possibly even cursed him and his bloodline (somewhat explaining why Rock can hardly control his powers in Garou)
    And also, probably to explain when he came back could be during the Dominated Mind episode since it makes sense that someone would want to fill the void that Geese left and that someone would be White. Now, whether or not Alfreds granddad was killed by White or kidnapped, I doubt the kid would kill him. I would think that Geese probably came back, killed White and went back underground with Billy.
  • EX: Geese is back and this is the first mention of Gaia in any KoF game, that (and the fact that Geese is alive) is why I consider the EX series canon. Also the games were done by the same people who worked on KoF 99 and 00 from what I looked at the credits. ::shrugs::
  • MI: The only reason I believe that this game series is canon is because it explains that (sadly enough) without Geese running things, the gangs and crime syndicates are really running amuck in Southtown (even after everything got blown to smitherns in 00).

Im pretty sure these arent enough evidence without SNK coming out and saying, Yes, this did happen! I wonder if that new book (The King of Fighters * Perfect Reader) they have out will answer any questions to the KoF storyline.

Also, I heard that the MI series is supposed to take over the FF/AoF series franchise. Its just a rumor so far.

I wonder if the Updated Garou for PS2 will come stateside; and also, I wonder if they tweaked the storyline so that the characters at least recognize each other (Since Tizoc, B. Jenet and Gato are now full-timers in the KoF stories).

Also, I managed to find translated text of three of the team stories in KoF XI here. Also within that website there’s suppose to be tracks from the KoF '96 Drama CD (but you have to become a registered member and it appears that the tracks aren’t available for download at the moment) and I’m wondering if the Drama CDs would be considered canon too (since the Guilty Gear Drama CDs are canon to that game’s storyline).

Anyway, if any of your have access to any KoF info Id like to hear it. The more I get the better I get an understanding of whats going on and when it happened so I can write this story (as large as it might be).


The KoF story is NOT related to the time lines if Art of Fighting & Fatal Fury.


Yeah, I didn’t respond because we’ve been over it before…


Can someone please post a link to a place where I can find correct bios for all SNK characters?