Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Only one I know of, just based on KOF characters though.



So now that KOF XI is finally out (my arcade actually got it last weekend to my surprise), does anyone know the bios for the newcomers? I’m especially interested in Oswald and Elisabeth.
And is there ANY info on WHY Ash is screwing with Kyo and Iori? He took Chizuru’s power in 2k3, although I can’t tell if she survived or not, and I heard from somewhere that this time he steals Iori’s power after he goes R.O.B. and beats Kyo.

And also, did SNK buy the rights to World Heroes and Aggressors of Dark Kombat, now that characters in said games are in NGBC?


hinted in kyo-iori-shingo’s team ending… and later ash is shown with purple flames in the elizabeth-benimaru-duo lon ending…


Pretty good thread on SNK’s timeline.



Oookay, I’m getting bored again so I’ll ask another tier question. About Athena.

She’s supposed to be the reincarnation of a Greek goddess, but strangely, even though Athena’s the goddess of victory, she hasn’t won a single KOF tourney to date! :rofl:

So how good is this ridiculous monstrosity of a character?


Actually, Nike is the (“primary”) goddess of victory. Pallas Athena/Minvera is the goddess of wisdom and a lot of other things–it’s possible that one of them is victory since I vaguely remember one of them being combat related, but I don’t think it is.

Anyway, Athena Asamiya is supposedly really strong, like she has the potential to beast Kyo if she trained like Kensou. Notice all the conditionals. Based on the pure power that has now, she’s still relatively strong, probably during well enough to make her fanbase even larger over the years. However, even with all the new techniques she’s made along with her various new costumes changes, she probably hasn’t tried to use nearly as much of her potential when it comes to fighting as Kensou has, who has improved by leaps and bounds, even in just the course of one year. (Given that he’s supposedly trained all of the year that KOF 2003 happened, which somewhat implies that KOF XI takes place in 2004.)

I blame it on her pop star career personally.

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Okay, some Samurai Shodown questions:

  1. Which of the two Asuras is the real one, Slash or Bust?
    And which one had a love affair with Shiki?

  2. Amakusa gets split into two versions, one good and one evil, the former which you get to play in SSIV. Do they ever merge back together for SSV, and in turn, SSI and II?

The good Amakusa would probably detest merging with the evil one given the “good” implication, but paradoxically, in one of his SSIV win quotes, he says “When will I become whole?” That indicates that he isn’t powerful enough. And his “evil” side would need all the power he could get if he wanted to use Mizuki in SSII, right?


Hi, maybe somebody can help me sort some things out regarding the Fatal Fury storyline.

1.) Is it known how old Terry and Andy were when Jeff Bogard was killed? Approx. year or age? If Andy was in Japan, where did Terry go? Was he raised and trained by Tung fu Rue?

2.) How did Terry end up adopting Rock? Was Geese taking Care of him when Geese died? or were Geese and his wife separated at that time?

3.) Does Rock know of Geese Howard at all or what he did? or is he ignorant of his family history until the encounter with Kain?

Sorry for the questions, I’m just really interested in the storyline I am trying to write a fan fic right now (script format instead of novel/short story, but I want to make it in comic book format). Thanks in advance.


Slash Asura seems to be the authentic one, since that is the version SNK has used to refer to him in every game after SS 64 (Warriors’ Rage and NGBC), which means that he is also Mikoto’s father (Slash Asura appears alongside Shiki in Mikoto’s ending for WR).

Well, SS IV comes before II in the timeline and after I and III, that much is certain. So basically the Amakusa that appears in SS II (who breaks the seal that was imposed on him at the end of SS IV) is mostly Hanzo’s son in control.


The FF timeline indicates that FF 1 took place in 1991. Terry and Andy were born around 1973, which would make them be around 18 years old by the time the events of FF 1 occur, and 10 years after Geese murdered their father (which would have made them 8 years old in that time, circa 1981).

Terry stayed in Southtown to hone his skills taught by Jeff. That’s why his fighting style is never specified (it’s only stated as “martial arts”), mostly because Terry’s style is kinda like a hybrid of many different styles he might have crossed during his training period in Southtown. There was never a mention of Tung being involved in Terry’s training process, though.

Geese never gave a shit about Rock, he just basically screwed Marie Heinlein and went on his way. Terry adopted Rock at the end of RBFF when Geese plummets to his death, since history was repeating itself with Rock (witnessed his father being killed by his nemesis and becoming an orphan) and Terry wanted to keep him in a straight path.

Yes, Rock knew about Geese. Once his mom (Marie Heinlein) fell into bed from a fatal disease, she kept mentioning Geese’s name. Rock walked over to Geese Tower to bring Geese to his mother’s side but Geese gave him the cold shoulder. Rock tended to his mother until she finally died, moment in which Rock once again went to Geese Tower, where he witnessed Geese’s death during his match with Terry.

  1. How wide are the gaps between-

    • Terry and Andy
    • Terry and Rock
    • Ryo and Robert
    • Geese and Krauser (and which is better between these two?)
  2. How does Yuga compare to the other SS bosses? Is she better or worse?

  • Terry and Andy: Terry is obviously the best, considering all his accolades and such. Andy is always talking about “surpassing his brother” anyways so that means he has an inferior role in the overall scheme of things.

  • Terry and Rock: Well, obviously Rock for the time being is still passed on as inexperienced and young while Terry is the more seasoned veteran, so Terry gets the nod for the time being, but I guess SNK is building to have Rock eventually surpass Terry (if they EVER decide to make a sequel to Garou or decide to continue the storyline in the KOF series), since Rock has the Terry + Geese movesets going on for him.

  • Ryo and Robert: Ryo gets the slight nod but mostly they have the same “Ryu/Ken” type of relation power-wise, which makes it pretty hard to determine who is better (but Ryo IS the successor of the Kyokugenryuu style and his veteran Mr. Karate incarnations shows that he can eventually become quite impressive…and Robert?)

  • Geese and Krauser: They have always been built as equals and SNK has never given any hints on who is better than who. I guess it’s because they’re siblings, who knows. I MIGHT say Geese by a slight margin since Geese has a hobby for surviving nasty falls and all, but who knows…

Yuga is pretty much in the same line as Amakusa…some netherworld wizard with mystic magic powers but that’s about it. Still inferior to Mizuki.


Kyokugen related question: Has Takuma Sakazaki ever performed the Shoran Kyaku? Apparently it’s Kyokugne’s strongest technique and only Takuma knows it, but I’ve never seen it. The other secret technique he knows is the Haoh Shikou Ken, which I think he did in one of the AOF’s when you fight him as Mr. Karate.


:confused: The Shoran Kyaku? Strongest technique of Kyokugen? It’s just a running knee bash. :sweat:

Takuma has done the Haoh Shi Kou Ken many times before outside of his Mr. Karate persona, including the one he used to deflect a Zero Cannon shot in KOF 2000.


That’s kinda underwhelming…


South-Town universe(FF/AOF), KOF universe and MI universe are not the same universe:

1. KOF started at SNK all-stars dreammatchs, but it’s popular so they added more depth in the story part.


2. From official sources such as game manuals, guides, endings, etc.

South-Town Timeline:

AOF1 - 1978
AOF2-3 - 1979
FF1/FFWA - 1992 http://tugger.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ffury.htm
FF2 - 1993 http://tugger.hp.infoseek.co.jp/fatalfury2-tb.htm
FF3 - 1995
RB1 - 1996
RB2 - 1998
MOTW - 2006

3. There is relative age difference in South-Town universe and KOF universe.


Ryo - 22
Geese - 26
Kasumi - 16

KOF 96-01

Ryo - 24 (same age as KOF 96 Terry but he was older in FFWA http://www.geocities.com/ironmugen/)
Geese - 42 (KOF96,FF3 age)
Kasumi - 16 (KOF96&99-00, AOF3 age)


Terry - 27
Mary - 25
Yamazaki - 34
Xiangfei - 17

KOF 97-01

Terry - 24 (FF3 age)
Mary - 23 (RB1 age)
Yamazaki - 33 (RB1 age)
Xiangfei - 17 (RB2 age)

4. There’s also the lack of aging of the KOF cast, but there isn’t in other series. (In KOF universe, all characters never aged since 95.)

**5. **In FF series Geese has died since RB1 which took place in 1996 (official), but in KOF he’s still alive and well.

6. Akihiko Ureshino already indicated that the 3 stories are not the same universe.
(he has worked on the storyline for KOF96-01, EX2 and MI2.)

7. Tatsuhiko ‘Falcoon’ Kanaoka (MI2’s producer) has said that Maximum Impact is definitely set in a different universe than the regular KOF Series.


Just some more infos:

In Psycho Soldier’s story, the world was attacked by evil monsters.

And in PS1 game named “Athena: Awakening from the ordinary life”, the game tooks place in 2018.


Um… I think Yuga should be the strongest boss in stotyline-wise:

  • Both Amakusa Shiro Tokisada & Rashojin Mizuki made a pact with the evil god Ambrosia to gain their power.

  • There is a very high chance that Yuga is Ambrosia.

  • Yuga is something like a goddess of destruction in Makai.


Almost forgot this thread,

thanks to Lantis and Freak on Board for the awesome FF/AoF info !!


All answers can be found in Saiki’s faq, he did really great faqs. (although the SS’s one seems to left unfinished)