Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


In fact, there aren’t any plot holes in the first place, if people’ve realized that the three stories were happened in their own continuity.

Something like you shoudn’t try to merge the story of any Final Fantasy games with Kingdom Hearts series.

Useless info from Q25 in NGBC site:

The difference between two dream match series is that, while KOF tried to make a world believable where characters evolve, NGBC is in a world where everything is possible.



Well, I just got the answers from Saiki at gamefaqs board:

Shura Asura is the real one and rasetsu asura is the one Yuga made. 
The one that fell in love with Shiki is the Rasetsu one, but the two of them merged and became Yuda.

And the Amakusa in SS1 is the single one before the split. 
In SS2, it's the good version who dies protecting Haohmaru and friends.


Some little infos:



And regarding why Second South was established in MOTW:



The mook that SouthtownKid mentioned is ASCII Mook Garou -Mark of the Wolves- Koushiki Guidebook.



In fact, he adopted Rock since FF3, ALL ABOUT SNK had confirmed that.



Thanks, Freak. :smiley:

Serious question, what’s with Duck King’s fetish in ducks?


And while I’m still around, how good is Lin?


About Duck, sorry it seems that I can’t find that info anywhere (and I doubt it’s ever existed).

Only thing we knew is his most important thing is that little duckling named P-chan. (If anyone have some more official info, feel free to add.)

Regarding Lin, TBH there aren’t any official complete storyline-wise tier lists.

Well, here’re some info about him.

From 2000 Benimaru team prologue.

From 2001 Hero team prologue.

  • Maxima’s impressed with his speed.


Lin is extremely disiplined. You can tell because imagine what type of dicipline it would take to replace your blood with poison(basically what Lin did) and use it as a weapon. …And think about it, when ever you bleed it harms you(you feel pain) so Lin is extremely disiplined to the point where he can take ridiculous amounts of pain(i.e R.E.D Kicks and Maiden Mashers) onto himself on a normal bases in order to cause his opponent pain. His poison instantly kills as soon as it seeps into a persons body and there is no antidote for it(leathal and deadly).

Kyo, K’, Terry, or Rock cannot even come close to taking as much pain as Lin. The only main character that can out class Lin in the pain taking category is Iori because when he goes into Riot of Blood he feels an immense amount of pain(about 2x or 3x the pain), spits of blood, and his entire body riots with pain(meaning in a fight, Iori can take burn knuckles and Repukens no problem).

Lin also can move extremely fast(faster than all of the man characters and enemies) and can probably do so for a long time(energy/endurance).

So yeah, he’s pretty good.


So do you think Lin will show up in the next KoF installment?


I’m not sure if Lin will show up in the next KoF installment or not but I think he should because his storyline with Ron hasn’t been settled yet.


So, Falcoon stated in an interview recently that upcoming KOF MI games’ storyline will “fill in the gap” between Real Bout and Mark of the Wolves. Fill in the gap between Real Bout and Mark of the Wolves? I thought these guys stated that KOF takes place in a different continuity from Fatal Fury and that KOF:MI takes place in a different continuity from KOF! Can’t these companies make up their friggin’ minds?


I’ve just gotten Art of Fighting for the Virtual Console, and I was checking the Guide that comes with the game… AoF’s was surprisingly complete- including background story and bios for every character, besides Mr. Big and Mr. Karate. I don’t think there’s any unknown info there, but it was quite a surprise, in any case.


I just discovered this thread and yet to read the rest of the pages but I always wanted AOF4, esp to see Jin progress his story with Eiji and was Todo ever found by Kasumi

Also I have a JPN KOF 94, 4 book series where Terry beat Kyo and then faught Rugal and won with Kyo’s help.
Man I remember when I found out that his name was Rugal Bernstein, good times.

The Fatal Fury team will always be the true winners of KOF to me


I noticed a storyline faq in Gamefaqs.com for Garou games by KLantis, looked at some parts and was confused a bit, mostly about MotW part. MoTW was the last game in AoF-Garou timeline so from where author got information about its “true” ending? Where was it stated that for example Terry defeated Grant and such?


It could be a speculation since there is no Garou 2 to back it up. Considering Kain only wanted Rock, Grant could have let him by while he challenged the runner up.

Besides, I…just can’t trust Falcoon or anyone within SNK to make up their minds about AoF-FF-KoF continuity. I mean, they make Another Day just to promote MI2? I mean, just bring out the game and it would promote itself or at least a tv promo. Sheesh.


Another question. Are all mangas at most good fanfictions or are some cannonical?


Samurai Shodown / Samurai Spirits storyline expert have arrived here. Feel free to ask anything about the series storyline. I may not know only bits from SS6 because we dont have english-language release yet.


Well, I guess it just depends on the mangaka and the creator of the series.


Alright then, bub, could SS be a prequel to the Last Blade series? I have a notion (no real fact behind it or anything, just feeling) that the SS, LB, and the other SNK fighting series are somewhat intertwined. I have no basis for this, just speculation.