Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Almost forgot SS RPG which, at the moment, is being translated into english. You know what was story in that one?


Yes I know but it is very long.
There are Amakusa Chapter based on SS1 and Mizuki chapter based on SS2. Storlyline is the same that in those games but Mizuki chapter has mission to collect her 7 bells around the world.
Also game has additional unique characters that play some part in storyline despite not appearing in any of main games.
You can also meet every character from SS1 SS2 SS3 SS4 with exception of Zankuro (i think)


By the way I dub those questions/answers for my Q&A Batch there
Want it to be comfortable to read for newcomers


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I see there a lot of good responses, but is there some Samurai Shodown info in that thread?


Who can tell me what order these characters rank in tiers?

Joe, Mai, Billy, Andy, Mary

And how would you say Rock, at his current level, compares to each during RB’s time?


More comparisons.

Ralf, Clark and Leona?
Joe and King?


Funny. I was just thinking about SNK half an hour earlier.

…God, I really need to be far less lazy with this forum. Starting now.

IIRC, as I know, Andy is the strongest, with Billy behind him, Mai and Joe are probably tied, with Mary being the weakest, but not my much. It’s quite while though.

With regards to Rock, he’s probably above Billy, though I don’t think he’s yet above Andy. He doubtless has the potential to be, though.

With regards to your newer post, it’s kind of difficult to tell when things to start to go into King of Fighters. (Although, yeah, I know, Fatal Fury technically is King of Fighters.)

I mean, if you take all SNK games a relatively canon at someone, even though the Ikari Team (and, similarly, the Fatal Fury team never wins), they’re still rather strong. Just not “strong enough”–lol at the parallels between this and the discussion earlier today in the DBZ thread.

I mean, Ralf (and maybe Clark, I forget) supposed survived a freaking nuke and yet he can’t be ever Galactica Phantom Kyo in the chin? Suspect.

Anyway, IIRC, Ralf is slightly stronger than Clark (somewhat literally considering the above technique, then again, Clark can toss Chang into the air and catch him…with his crotch) and Leona is significantly stronger than both (all) of them especially when she goes Orochi.

Between Joe and King, Joe’s probably stronger since he’s main character of a more important series. Ryo’s series kind of fell by the way side. Hell, most people don’t even know Art of Fighting exists.

So, IMO, between all those people, it goes like this:

Orochi Leona

(Ah, poor King. Bottom tier in everything.)

ponders bugging Lantis


Ok, those reasons do make sense. But are you suggesting that Leona’s closer to Kyo and Iori’s level? Ralf and Clark barely managed to fight her off and lived when she turned Orochi at least twice, so I don’t think the gap between them is quite that big.


Oh, I guess that crack about King being bottom tier alongside my lack of clarification gave you the wrong impression.

Let me explain more clearly.

First and foremost, I will say once again that this is all going off the top of my head and is combination of hazy memory plus what little storyline conjecture that we have. The only placements I’m certain about is that Andy is above Billy since in the canon, he beat him IIRC. (Which I don’t think Mai or Joe were able to do, so…)

Unlike with Street Fighter and most of other Capcom games, there isn’t a lot of space in powers between people before the whole Kusanagi/Orochi thing comes up.

I mean, even the joke character, Shingo, ended up being pretty fucking strong. He’d kick Dan and Sean’s ass, together, anyday of the weak considering how insanely hard he hits.

Of all those people, the only one that I would say is “way” above everyone else, like an entire Street Fighter Tier above, would be Orochi Leona, who may lose out on some of the power boost because she’s also fucking insane.

Everyone is roughly in the same tier except for maybe King, who isn’t that much weaker. It’s just that tier ordered since you asked.

Like you said, Ralf and Clark together can hold off Orochi Leona, barely, so they’re not that much weaker than her separately otherwise it wouldn’t make that much of a difference if they worked together. Similarly, regular Leona thusly can’t be that far beyond them on top of the fact they both have more battle experience (and she has a softspot for Clark, apparently).

Speaking of which, I think that relationships also figure something into it. Part of the reason I’m sure that Rock is stronger than Billy is partly because Billy could probably never bring himself to fight him (at least with his all)–Billy has WAY too much respect for Geese’s legacy to do something like. Similarly, I can’t really see Mai being better than Andy since she’s too infautated with him and he’s more guarded about his emotions.

But, yeah, outside of end bosses being top and the likelihood that U.S.A. Team are the weakest (with probably Brian being the weakest of them all) are the only real “certain” things I could think of regards to SNK.

still pondering bugging Lantis

Blue EDIT: I just realized I left Mary out. I was going to put her below Billy but above Mai, mostly because she was on the same team with Billy, who was on the same time with Yamazaki’s crazy ass.

Viewtful EDIT: Thinking about it more, Joe should probably above Mai since training doesn’t mean nearly as much in SNK world as it does in Capcom world. So switch Joe and Mai around, meaning that Blue Mary is above Joe and below Billy.


So mostly everyone in SNK can be compressed into one large mid-tier, with something of a tiering structure in itself. Now I get it. I wasn’t really thinking King was that low, I just thought you placed her there from lack of official story compared to other characters. The SF Plot Guide does the same thing under that condition, which I don’t always agree with. But in that list you made with those characters I mentioned, it sounds like a good guess.


Pondering time is over.

The reasons The Damned provided are somewhat solid… Although I may believe that Rock IS better than RB-era Andy, although probably LESS than Garou-era Andy (who I believe is now a full-fledged Shiranui Ninjutsu master by the time Garou rolls around). Terry teachings + Geese raw power = too beast. Andy wished he had half the natural talent Rock had (and less we forget, Andy was also pretty much a hothead when compared to Terry).

King should also rank above Mai AND Yuri (and probably many other KOF females) solely on the fact that she doesn’t fall into the “silly bimbo” category which could probably detract from the other female characters. She always means business, and let us not forget that she used to mingle with men (and beat them) before moving over to Southtown. She also pretty much was the unnamed leader of the female teams (prior to the arrival of Chizuru) because she was the only one who could get her act straight. If she ranks above Joe…I believe not. Joe has championship gold to prove his worth, LULZ (i.e.: their special intro in '98)! :rofl:

I also think Mary would rank directly beneath FF’s “big 4”, if also because she keeps getting manipulated by her higher-ups, got used by Geese in '97 (what happened to her 1337 detective skills?), and couldn’t figure out shit when Southtown got totalled in KOF 2000 (even Terry beat her to the punch). Her fighting skills are still somewhat decent, judging by how Geese regrets losing her by the end of '97.

Billy should definetly be above her by the time KOF 2003 comes by, judging as he could fend off Yamazaki’s psycho barrage (I wouldn’t have given him two shits prior to that since he got punked by Iori, but I guess he still has it if Geese still wants him around). I would even rank him over Lawrence Blood (despite with the second FF OAV might lead you to believe).

Yep, Leona is still the damned best in the Ikari squad (maybe she is more powerful than Heidern himself). I would also rank Ralf higher than Clark since Ralf has a higher military status (and I guess there’s a legit reason to that).


Thanks for the input, Lantis. I think Mary deserves a bit more credit than that though.

What about Kim? Where would he fit into all this? Below Andy and above Joe?

Another question- The Four Heavenly Kings are supposed damned powerful, but I read somewhere that they lost to Kyo’s team: Chris lost to Kyo, Shermie lost to Benimaru and Yashiro lost to Daimon. Did they really have in that bad in the fight, or were they just dicking around so that Orochi could leech off of their energy?


Yeah, most likely. Kim is a lot more than what most people give him credit for. He was able to keep 2 cronies in check, and his Taekwondo school has spawned some damned good fighters (May Lee, Jae Hoon, Dong Hwan, Chae Lim, etc.). Too bad he is given more of a comedy role most of the time… :shake:

As for the ONFT… I don’t think the battle went EXACTLY that way, but we all know that the ONFT was made as a counteract to the Hero Team, but anyways I do believe that they weren’t exactly interested in the fight itself but more interested in gathering energy from the fight to awaken the Orochi (any resemblance to DBZ’ Buu Saga is mere coincidence). :wgrin:


Good. Most of the facts I pick up on KOF’s canon battles are too vague.


I thought it because the KOF EX games were developed by Marvelous rather than SNK. Sort of like how the SF EX characters are owned by Arika.


To tell you the truth I’m curious on how the battles in all the KoF’s panned out. I mean the Hero teams always reach the end boss so it makes you wonder the fighting tournament tiers on how they were placed within the tournament. I’m pretty sure it’s around here somewhere posted but I’m throwing the question out there…

What are the tournament tiers (canon-wise of speculative) of the fighters in the KoF games?


I know this post was made two years ago, but that’s not exactly true. The term “Martial Arts” in Japanese terms is really more of an euphemism for western-style full contact martial arts than anything else (due to a misinterpretation of the term). Sort of like how “lucha libre”, the Spanish term for wrestling, is used by English speakers as a synonym for “Mexican wrestling”.

That’s why Terry Bogard and other American fighting game characters such as the members of the Ikari Team, Nash, Guile, Cody, and Sarah Bryant all have martial arts listed as their fighting style.


Does anyone know where the following full names comes from and whether or not they’re canon?

Leopold Goenitz - Apparently its from a KOF '96 manga or manhua, but its never been used in the games. I doubt its canon.

Alfred Airhawk - I seen it used almost exclusively by English fansites, but all the official materials I’ve seen simply address him as “Alfred”.

White Mustadio - Seen it on the Japanese wikipedia with a “citation needed” tag next to it. Same deal as Alfred.


“Mustadio” sounds a bit familiar…

I also don’t know where Leopold Goenitz comes from. SNK’s websites have always listed him as just “Goenitz”. :looney: