Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Well Mustadio is also the name of a Final Fantasy Tactics character if that helps.

Yes, even the KOF '96 Collection database disc simply refers to him as “Goenitz” and that disc mentions the full names for every character at the time (including Ralf Jones and Clark Still, whose full names are never mentioned in the game itself).

Speaking of which, has the spelling “Steel” for Clark’s surname ever been used officially? Its always been “Clark Still” and never “Clark Steel”. I get the impression that fans misromanized Still as Steel and are accusing SNK of changing “Steel” to “Still” when SNK never used “Steel” in the first place. The way Clark’s surname is rendered in Japanese (???) is exactly how “Still” would be rendered in Japanese, as opposed to Steel (which would be ???, with an elongated “i”).


Haha. It’s funny that this questions comes up the day after I finally realize his surname isn’t supposed to be “Steel” but rather “Still”.

Thank you Metal Slug 6.

Anyway, yeah, I’m pretty sure that “Steel” is just an American/Mexican/non-Japanese translation that became popular before the last name really got used in a game (like MS6 or…what, the 3D KOFs?). I doesn’t really help that they both sound alike and that both of them fit Clark’s boring-ass laconic character.

However, to answer your question, no, I can’t remember them ever using the “Steel” surname spelling officially. I’m not sure about anything else, though.

I’m kind of curious, since this thread is active: Can anyone link or at least cite where it says that Shion is officially a guy? I was disappointed by that… :annoy:


Shion is shown to be a guy in one of the dating sim games. Days of Memory I think? If you give me a bit I will find the pic that shows him.


There ya go. Top middle…Shion with a nun. Also this…


Also there. Definately a dude. A young guy, yes…but clearly a dude now. Sorta…Vega (claw) -ish I suppose. Cool character though…awesome fighting style and sprite…hope he gets developed more.


…Damn, that was a quick reply. Thanks.

P.S. The 19th and 25th pics in that “collage” (I can’t think of the right word now) are so naughty. And, geez, I forgot what a huge rack Elizabeth has. :rofl:


I aim to please. And yeah, man those pics are a little risque…not really really bad, but certainly -very- suggestive.

Also lol at the very first pic…Momoko -really- loves big bosoms. Hilarious.


Shion is definitely a guy. At the very least, a girly looking guy. His face picture in the official Days of Memories has a blue-ish background like all the male characters in the series.

“Oppai ya!”


And now I am thinking about how amazing Shion could look in KOF12 style…his sprite/animatino was already amazing in KOF11. Make it happen, SNK! Same goes for Momoko…hilarious/cute character + appreciator of the boobage = yes please for KOF13!


For better in-game references to prove that Shion is indeed a man, just pick Benimaru.

When paired against females, Benimaru does his special intro (even Momoko).

Put him up against Shion…oops! No special intro.



Since when did Krauser and Geese being half-brothers became canon? I know it was in the Fatal Fury 2 anime and I believe in the Geese Howard Gaiden manga as well, but the backstories in the games and the games themselves seems to depict them as two guys who just happens to hated enemies. The only game that even mentions they’re relationship is Card Fighters DS.


I asked Saiki about that when he was translating the All About SNK book, and apparently SNK confirms that they are indeed half-brothers. I think that no one bothered to bring that up in the games, though (kinda like how Ken and Guile are in-laws). :looney:


I still need to get All About SNK Fighting Games for myself. I already have AAC, but one thing I like SNK version is that it covers the home exclusive versionstoo like Dominated Mind and Warriors Rage 2. Unlike Capcom’s book, which marginalizes the console exclusive games like Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 and EX3.


For the those who ever wondered what the Ikari canon was like in Japan prior to the KOF series, I found a Japanese fansite which has scans of instructional manuals and pamphlets for the older Ikari games.


Little known fact: Ralf actually appeared in another arcade game prior to the Ikari series titled TNK III (TANK in Japan), which had a pseudo sequel for the NES titled Iron Tank (Great Tank in Japan). The odd thing is that TANK (or at least Great Tank) was set in World War II Normandy, whereas the Ikari games are set in modern times.


IIRC, FFS was the first game to mentioned that relationship in its prologue.



I thought the prologue was exactly the same as the one in the manual of Fatal Fury BA1, but it seems they left the part where they mention Krauser is his half-brother (from a different mother). The Ignition Entertainment site also mentions that they’re half-brothers.

It makes sense that Garou Densetsu Special was the first game to mention the relationship, considering it was released around the same time as Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu 2 aired on Japanese TV.


Excuse my random replies…

Regarding King’s ability:
She tied with Robert (who is always portrayed equal to Ryo) in 2000. There’s even an official art which depicted that event.

The original characters in this series are supposed to belong to Marvelous Entertainment.
Well, the storyline look like it’s an alternate continuity anyway. Cause it took place after Orochi Saga but NESTS seemed not to exist. Furthermore all characters aged 1 year in KOFEX2 while they still have remained the same ages in the main series (ie, Terry was 25 in EX2).

The interesting thing is, KOFEX2 story was supervised by Ureshino.

I think i read somewhere that Goenitz’s given name was came from a novel by Ureshino.

Just to add, in Metal Slug series (which are set in the future) he was born in 1992.


I’ve checked an SNK related bibliography and it seems there’s indeed a novel written by Ureshino titled “The King of Fighters '96: Rumbling on the City”. He also did novelizations of all the subsequent games in the series up until KOF 2001.

A couple more questions:

Is Li Xiangfei (???) the niece of Lee Pai-Long (???)? Lee and Li are actually different romanizations of the same Chinese surname and Li Xiangfei makes a reference to a “Uncle Pai” (???) in her Real Bout 2 and KOF '99 background story.

When did Leona became “Leona Heidern”? I know Heidern is her adopted father, but I thought Heidern was just a codename (like Whip).


If anyone interested to read it in English. There’s an official translation at Ignition site, which located here: http://www.ignitionent.com/ffba/

Here’s another link to check those stuffs: http://ch9071.ouchi.to/kurenai/commic.php?commic=novels
Anyway, please remind yourself that I never affirmed this Leopold thingy.

As far as I’m aware, there’s none of any sources to confirm or deny their relationship.
And as you may already know, it’s very common for Chinese people to share the same family name but aren’t related.

Since '98 according to this site: http://www.geocities.jp/snk_kiseki10/index/character/leona.html
For official online sources, kof2003 site was the first (that I know of) to list her full name.

And, yes, Heidern is a code name. So that’s most likely made “Leona Heidern” is not a REAL full name too.

Click here and here for more info. (For the latter link, just look for the date, 05/19/05.)


Yeah, but what other Lee Pai of significance would there be in South Town besides Lee Pai-Long?


Good thing Days of Memories was brought up because that jogged another question in my mind.

I read somewhere that Ash is in one of the male-dating versions of DoM. Does that confirm that he’s heterosexual, or is that just a fangirl’s dream?


He’s definitely one of the boys the heroine gets to date in the fourth Days of Memories. He still looks pretty fruity though. Not that it matters that much.