Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived


Lol. Well now, I guess he really is more of a conceited narcissist than a severe closet case. That’s enough to make Vega look humble.


Another question. Is Krauser supposed to be dead post-FF2? His trading card in Card Fighters DS stated he took his own life after being defeated by Terry and I know Fatal Fury Special and Real Bout Special didn’t have any plot development (outside of Geese’s revival in the first Special). Yet he appears to still be alive in Dominated Mind and Real Bout 2, which are supposedly storyline games (in contrast to Geese, who is a ghost).


Real Bout 2 isn’t a story game. I don’t think Special is either. AFAIK only the first Real Bout counts as canon in FF. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I have no idea if Krauser is supposed to be dead post-FF2.


I have access to a web archive version of SNK’s original homepage with sites dedicated to many of their late 90’s releases, including the Hyper Neo Geo 64 games. Let me know if anyone wants anything in particular.


Re: DoM
I know most of you already know these, but just want to clarify a little something.
DoM series set in its own multi-continuity. Most characters aren’t even fighters in this series, besides, there’re occupational difference & relative age difference between game to game.

Here are some of many examples:
In the first chapter, Leona is 17 and Kula is 14.

But In the latest continuity (Chapter 7-9), while Leona is still 17 like the first game, Kula is now 18.
Not to mention that Mai , Yuri , Rock and Joe are students who study at the same high school, which Geese is the principal, and hires Andy and Robert as an English teacher and a social science teacher respectively.

Re: Krauser
In [media=youtube]ssrgc-IqGjE"]Memories of Stray Wolves that came as a bonus feature on , Terry tells Rock that Krauser took his own life.
Note that from [URL=“http://web.archive.org/web/20061011092942/http://snk.weblogs.jp/snk/2006/09/919_7640_1.html”]this source
, the scenario was done by Ureshino.

Re: Old SNK site
For those who may don’t know, in the last version of project page (which a mirror located here), there’re some game’s pages that were removed from the earlier version.


Yeah, I know DoM isn’t canon. But aren’t the characters’ personalities the same? There’s one screencap of Iori yelling at a girl and making her cry, something I have no doubt he would actually do. Ash is still into glamor, nail art and all that effeminate crap.


I forgot completely about Memories of Stray Wolves retrospective. I also remember reading in Animerica that the writers of the Fatal Fury 2 anime were forced to kill off Krauser as well, even though Masami Ohbari didn’t want to. So the idea of Krauser committing suicide was established when Fatal Fury Special came out.

I also found this fansite that has the background stories for characters from various Neo Geo fighting games, including third party ones like Gowcaizer and World Heroes. I imagine they’re all taken from old strategy guides and magazines as usual.


Yep, their personality remain mostly unchanged. Thanks for replying, I just want to assure myself that everyone understand this point the same way.

In case anyone wants to navigate the site by game series, you can do it via this link.


That’s pretty much why I was wondering if that meant Ash wasn’t gay, just from the fact he’s even part of that dating sim with SNK’s other main guys. It wouldn’t make sense if he was, because then it’d be like making Mai a lesbian and putting her in that same game.


Wait, wait wait; Krauser is DEAD in FF continuity? That doesn’t seem to be the case in RB: Special nor RB2, so could SNK have retconned it?
Krauser killing himself after being beaten by Terry makes some sense, but is also an unnecessary outcome IMO…


Krauser is probably dead considering it’s a recurring theme. RB: Special and RB2 were just fighting games without stories. Real Bout Fatal Fury itself barely had any story. The entire storyline of that game is basically “Geese Howard is alive, returns to Geese Tower, and opens a King of Fighters tournament to have a final showdown with Terry.” That’s really all there is to it.


While I was writing my Capcom vs SNK oneshot yesterday, I was discussing with someone whether or not Ash took all of Iori’s flame-controlling abilities (which would include his natural red flames) or just the element tainted by Orochi’s power, the purple flames. In the KOFXI ending featuring the “Secondary Hero/Benimaru” team, Ash displayed the ability to use the purple flames, so I can’t really tell.

I went with the idea that Ash was after Iori’s part of the 3 sacred treasures, which was the sealing flame of the Yasakanis, so he doesn’t have any flame abilities at all anymore. Does anyone else have any speculation on whether or not Iori is really without fire now (aside from the fact that he uses claw attacks in KOFXII) or if he just refrains from using the red flames out of the pride since he has issues with Kyo?


Ash has indeed been stealing the three treasures which seem to grant the main characters their powers. You can clearly see Ash holding a mirror after stealing from Chizuru in KOF 2003. Iori’s flames always came from his heritage as a Yasakani. The curse of the Orochi pact only made them purple, and most likely more powerful.

It’s been my theory that the Yasakani never had the same kind of offensive power as the Kusanagi, because the Kusanagi flame was destructive and the Yasakani was used to seal off power. Would make sense why the Yasakani felt they needed the Orochi’s power to become the dominant family.


Man, this thread’s been dead for way too long…

Anyway, regarding Iori’s flames, he’s completely lost them after XI, so my impression is that his clan’s original red ones were tainted by the orochi factor, so Ash’s theft of the original ability came with the purple orochi taint, so there were no flames left for Iori to use.

It’s still pretty weird that with Ash’s self-removal from the timeline and subsequent retcons (which might as well in the process explain why there never was a K9999, it was Nameless all along, for example), in Iori’s ending Iori still managed to have a choice as to whether take the flames back or not - which, being dumb and single-minded, he did.

BTW, this is a pretty interesting explanation for the origin of the Kusanagi/Yasakani feud: http://orochinagi.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2913 - basically, it was all orchestrated by the orochi to turn them on each other.

While I’m at it, some points of interest covered in XIII:

  • Yuri confirms (in her pre-match dialogue with Kyo) that it only took her a year to learn Kyokugenryuu (even if she’s criticized in-game by the likes of King for not polishing her basics) - while it’s not clear if the kidnapping business from the AoF timeline ever happened in the KoF one (the AoF guys act completely neutral in every way to Mr Big or Geese when they do appear), at least this aspect was retained.

  • Kensou and Raiden mention Red Dragon from 3-Count Bout in their pre-match intro (Kensou’s a fan, Raiden beat the guy several times) - 3-Count Bout already seemed to fit the FF timeline (there’s a pic of Big Bear taking down one of the wrestlers from that game), it’s now confirmed to exist in the KoF one too

Another interesting aspect of Fatal Fury I haven’t seen covered in the thread: in Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, the final boss is character-dependent - for most it’s Geese, for some it’s Terry (in the bridge where you normally fight Billy instead of Geese Tower). It seems kinda safe to speculate that the ones for which Terry’s the final boss are the ones he officially beat - these are: Tsugumi, Duck, Raiden, Billy and Geese.