Tales of EVO with RICH KID ACADEMY and DR.B


STAY TUNED…Get Hype !!! Pics,Vids,and More with today’s hottest fighters from around the globe. Plus Special BEHIND THE SCENES footage. most of the vids by Friday

BIG SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO KICKED IT WITH ME at EVO, This list is SO long that I can’t name everyone so if we chilled feel free to post in this thread and share your EVO 09 moments. I had fun…don’t worry I will be editing this post with a HUGE follow up. Thanks SRK STAFF. AMAZING JOB !!!

EVO 2009 : RICH KID ACADEMY Pictures - Las Vegas,Nevada


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RICH KID ACADEMY presents "GET OFF THE STICKS" an EVO 2011 Documentary

Cool to meet you when you stopped by 1106 the first night, sorry for not recognizing you right away when I answered I was hella tired haha. Thanks for repping Team NW with the shirt the last day man!


Everytime I read “Dr.B”, I can only think of specs now :rofl:


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah another dr.b thread! Make sure you link to your websites!


Hang tight…the coverage is on it’s way.



Its a Dr. B Thread!


Right on man,I had major fun with ya’ll !!! TEAM NORTHWEST where you at ???
P.S stay tuned for those Exclusive Pics and Vids.


it was cool hanging outside with you and your buddy :smokin:… we were trying to think of a way to get that spliff ashed, and a perfect solution came in the form of the doctor… didn’t even relize who you were til way later man… it hit me and i felt rather proud… hope those pics of us make it up … keep in touch man, Team Chronic Zero does the same thing at any event we attend :bgrin:

aaaaaaand you and my brother have the same birthday… he’s turning 17 in about 40 minutes…


The LINK TO - " EVO 2009 Pics " is in the 1st post. Check for my edit.


It was nice hanging out with you on Sunday night. I’ll put up the hotel money matches up soon. We gotta get some more TvC next year or so.


dr. b you are the shit… thanks for freestylin for us in the hallway :rofl:


diagos polo is pretty nice. I want it


wheres our pic dr B!


good shit B. Got some good pics. Daigo looks pretty happy lol.


That was hella fun.Great meeting you guys…your friend put the video on youtube.

Yeah good fun shit ! I had a blast…I was soooo loaded playing those money matches hahahaha. TvC was dope too.

Look on the link above my pic with Daigo in post one of this thread homie ! Great seeing you there as always.

IT’S MY 28TH B-DAY TODAY ! JULY 22nd …Time to get Krunk !!!


EVO 2009 “DR.B” Freestyle



dr b that shit was too hype! it was great meeting you! see you against next year i hope!

-green hat white guy


Thanks homie for the respect !!! And also Nice meeting you WEEKS !

EVERYONE STAY TUNED ! The Vidz I will post up are classic.

NEW “EVO 2009” PICS with Team NorthWest courtesy of : MESSATSU OROCHI


Dr. B Good seeing you again man, seen that freestyle in the hall on youtube, and man shit was raw. Fuck all these haters man. Your shit’s been tight since Day 1.

Dey here Dey there Dey EVERYWHERE!

Song is still the shit to this day.

You still tryin to come up to NWM?


happy bday manng, it was great meeting you! and thanks for freestylin for us